Player shortage? We can help!

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Last Man Stands West Yorkshire are working with the ECB and YCB to retain adults in the game as well as finding new participants and bringing back lapsed players.

The recent T20 World Cup has not only helped us attract new teams to our competition but also many individuals and as a result we have over 100 players based in West Yorkshire who are looking to join a club.

With too many clubs reducing the number of teams they enter into their league and in some cases clubs going out of existence, we need to ensure that every one of these players will find their way to clubs who need them.

If you need new players, we can help!

Most clubs have members who have stopped playing league cricket due to family or work commitments as an 80, 90 or 100 over game takes up too much of their spare time. These same clubs will also have existing members who will follow these lapsed players out of the game this season.

Every club has the choice to either wish them well for the future and hope to see them now and again or keep them involved, keep them as a member and more importantly keep them playing until they are ready to start playing league cricket again.

We can help you bring back the members who have stopped playing and retain those who may be heading the same way by offering a shorter version of the game that can easily fit into your current club schedule and more importantly, the busy schedules of your former and existing members.

If you need to retain players and bring back lapsed players, we can help!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us either by phone on 07795 154444 or by e-mail at

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