Umpires and Insurance

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The League Management Committee has recently received details and advice from the YCB with regard to potential claims against clubs in the event of an accident leading to injury in circumstances where it may be alleged that such injury has been caused as a result of negligence on the part of the club with regard to playing conditions and/or the supervision of any game, including the provision of umpires.

Whilst it is not presently a requirement of membership of the League, including membership of the Junior League, that a club carries suitable insurance cover as against any such claim, the League Management Committee would strongly urge all clubs to take out such insurance cover, if they have not already done so.

This advice is of general application but is of particular relevance to those clubs where junior players play in a senior game or where junior games are organised.

Clubs are reminded of the provision of the ECB Safe Hands policy, which forms part of Rule 42 Child Welfare of the League Rules, that a club has a duty, where a junior player is playing in a senior game or where junior games are being played, to draw attention to any feature of the ground or wicket which might pose problems for junior players.

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