AGM Summary

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Our AGM was held this week with a rapid turn around!  Thanks to all clubs who attended.  There was only one no show.  All the reports are available online here should you wish to read them.  Should you wish, the whole event was streamed on Facebook and you can watch it again here Another first for us!  The event reached 571 people with 254 views. Can we stream more games in 2017?

Highlights were:

  • A tweaked rule 17 concerning loan players which must be registered online by 6pm the day before the fixture and loan players may only play in divisions higher than were they normally play.  Loan players may not play in the last four games of the season.
  • 2017 fixtures remain at a 1:30pm start
  • Bowlers will still be able to bowl a maximum of 12 overs per game, the change to 15 overs was rejected by clubs.
  • Tweaks to rule 20 were made removing the “grace period” of 30 minutes in the first innings.
  • We will not be trialling leg side wides and a fielding circle in Saturday cricket.
  • If all fixtures are cancelled or abandoned due to the weather and a team has conceded, the unfair advantage gained here has been removed.
  • An opt out for all four cup competitions was approved but should a club/team opt in and subsequently concede, they will be deducted 3 points from their Saturday total.

All clubs will now be automatically entered into the respective cup competitions as previously, but now have an option to OPT OUT.  Clubs must inform the Cup Competition Secretary by 31st December 2016 if they wish to OPT OUT.  A no response means OPT IN.

All clubs must inform the League Secretary of any changes to their contact details by using the online form here CHANGES ONLY  Current club contacts details can be found here

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