Saying Goodbye

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When we say goodbye to someone, we more often than not have time to prepare, have that final meal, that last coffee or pint of Theakston’s Best, a final chat, to set the scene for the departure. This gets us ready for the moment when we finally say goodbye and in this day of an interconnected world there are so many vehicles to keep in touch and keep the conversation going. Perhaps we never need say goodbye anymore?

Today, the Nidderdale Cricket family said goodbye to one of its favourite sons, Barry Gill. A very memorable service was held in a packed Holy Trinty Church in Dacre Banks where we learnt more about the man. A man full of love for his family and the pastimes that he held dear. His beloved Dacre Banks cricket club, the Summerbridge Players, Yorkshire County Cricket club and his photography. We didn’t get chance to prepare to say goodbye to Barry. He was taken from us so very quickly before Christmas. Most of use never had that final chat, or the final meal or pint.

It makes you think how precious our loved ones are. They could be gone in a moment. It makes you reflect on the things about them that they selflessly do without winge or moan.

Every cricket club needs a Barry Gill. A character that gives up hours to cut and roll the wicket, compile the fixture list, create those wonderful teas, run the junior side, pull pints behind the bar, organise the presentation night, order the new shirts and caps or fill in the transfer forms.

What do we do when they are not able to do those jobs that we perhaps took for granted? Have we got a plan to work alongside our committed volunteers, to pass on the knowledge, to hand over the keys to the mower? How does that mower start anyway?

I would urge club’s to think about the future. Have you got people in mind to take over those jobs that keep our clubs going and make us successful? Have you got a succession plan? Take some time at your next committee meeting or at pre-season nets to chat about it. We owe it to the next generation and the current generation to ensure a smooth transition of knowledge and talent.

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