Ground, Weather and Light

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It has come to my attention that further clarification over ground conditions in poor weather or poor ground conditions is worth doing.  A situation has been brought to my attention yesterday and to be honest I’m staggered that folk would wish to play on an unfit ground and risk injury.  Beggars belief.

The ECB issued guidance last year which you can read here

I’d like to point out this section:

Further, play should not start, resume or continue unless BOTH umpires agree that conditions are neither dangerous nor unreasonable. In cases where there is only one qualified umpire at a game, the qualified umpire should make the decision (but may listen to the reasonable opinion of others in doing so). In all cases, when there is any doubt as to the safety of the playing conditions, those responsible for the decision should err on the side of caution and not allow play.

In the case of a game without a League Umpire assigned, the role of umpire is delegated to the Captains.  If the two captains DO NOT agree that the ground is fit to play, then you DO NOT play.

Hope that is clear.

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