Playing of juniors in open age cricket

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Playing of juniors in open age cricket.

A reminder to all clubs of the ECB rules regarding the playing of junior cricketers in open age cricket.

An U12 player as of the 31st August 2016 can only play open age cricket with a Yorkshire clearance certificate. An U13 at the same date can play with a parental permission letter and a level two coach sign off sheet (for each match). Forms are to be shown to umpires and captains at the toss.

We are aware of a couple of instances where this has been ignored and the league are very concerned it should not happen again.

Reproducing the guidance here for everyone:
For clarity on this subject, the rules regarding playing players at the U11, U12 and U13 age group has been in force for around ten years, maybe more. It is a YCB directive and this is to support the ECB governance on the issue. This information has, on several occasions been sent to club secretaries and has also been on the league website more than once. All level two coaches should be aware of this as it is in their information packs.

The YCB guidance notes from their website is copied below for clarity, this year the U11 Yorkshire Squads are allowed to play which is a change.

9. Players who are selected in a County U12 squad in Spring for a summer squad or in another squad deemed by ECB Performance Managers to be of a standard above ‘District level’ for that season are eligible to play Open Age Cricket. This is providing they are at least 11 years old, and in School Year 7 on 1st September in the year preceding the season and have written parental consent to play. In allowing these players to play in Open Age Cricket it is essential that Clubs and Coaches recognise the ‘Duty of Care’ obligations towards these young players.

This means that County Squad and Area Squad players, both boys and girls are able to play Open Age Group Cricket if they are in U12 Age group and are a minimum of 11 years old on 01 September of the year preceding the season. District and club players who are not in a County or Area squads must wait until they reach the Under 13 age group, 12 years old, Year 8 on 01 September of the preceding year prior to being able to play in any Open Age Cricket. Again written parental consent is required for these players.

The duty of care should be interpreted in two ways:

Not to place a young player in a position that involves an unreasonable risk to that young player, taking account of the circumstances of the match and the relative skills of the player

Not to create a situation that places members of the opposing side in a position whereby they cannot play cricket as they would normally do against adult players.

The ECB have agreed that as Yorkshire is a large county with many talented young cricketers that those who played in the Under 11 District Cricket Festivals in the 2016 season or Under 11A and B County sides during the summer of 2016 will be categorised as being in the Under 12 County Age Group approved for Open Age cricket in 2017. This amounts to about 60 young players. All such players will be issued with an approved card by YCB prior to the start of the season.

Please be advised that Children who have County clearance have received a certificate from the YCB which they have to show to umpires/captains before the game. For the U13 players they need to have a letter of parental permission for each game they play, this again should be shown to the umpires/captains. Please also ensure that umpires do not keep these, they only need to record they have seen them.

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