Round 18 – Saturday, 19th August 2017

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Week 18 Tables.  As we went into Round 18 it was Ouseburn, Birstwith, Helperby, Masham in the top 4 places in Division One.  Birstwith beat Helperby by 40 runs and Masham beat Ouseburn by just 2 runs.  Sitting in pole position then, with just 4 games to go is Birstwith.  Masham and Birstwith are going to be sick of the sight of each other as they play each other home and away an in the Senior KO Cup final before the end of the season.
Current top 4 sides’ run in:
Birstwith – Knaresborough Forest (h), Masham (a), Spofforth (a), Masham (h)
Ouseburn – Spofforth (h), West Tanfield (h), Alne (h), West Tanfield (a)
Masham – Alne (a), Birstwith (h), Burton Leonard (h), Birstwith (a)
Helperby – Burton Leonard (a), Darley (h), Goldsborough (h), Darley (h)

At the bottom, Alne helped themselves with a win over Knaresborough Forest but Spofforth lost to West Tanfield.  Forest and Hampsthwaite are not out of trouble yet and a good run by any side could also bring West Tanfield into contention for the drop.

In Division Two, Wath and Melmerby are looking strong for another promotion as they currently sit top after easily beating Bishop Thornton and Studley Royal’s victory over Scotton puts them back up into second place.  Dacre Banks did themselves no favours in their push for promotion by losing to Raskelf, nor Blubberhouses who lost to Pateley Bridge.  Newby Hall are relegated and may be joined in Division Three next season by Ripley, Burnt Yates, Markington or perhaps Scotton.

Thornton-le-Moor need to win all of their remaining fixtures to have a chance of staying in Division Three but at the top, its very close between Harrogate Strays and Killinghall.

Fag packet maths reveals that Thornton Watlass are just 1 point away from promotion out of Division Four with North Stainley currently sitting in second place.

The same maths says that Spennithorne and Harmby are 2 points away from promotion from Division Five with Newby Hall 2nds long relegated.

New boys Upper Wharfedale who remain unbeaten all season are close to securing promotion from Division Six.

Division Seven is very close to call at the top but with no relegation this year those near the foot of the table can breath a sigh of relief and enjoy the last few games.

Division Eight is frankly a mess and currently 3 teams will go up.


  • 112* Callum Halliday (Scotton) vs. Studley Royal II
  • 103* Paul Newbould (Darley II) vs. Thirsk II
  • 94* Andrew Huetson (Studley Royal III) vs. Helperby II
  • 93 Sam Metcalf (Raskelf II) vs. Bolton Abbey II
  • 91 Liam Ormston (Sessay III) vs. Lofthouse and Middlesmoor
  • 89* Andy Gill (Rainton II) vs. Thirsk III
  • 89 Connor McPherson (Marton-cum-Grafton) vs. Blubberhouses II
  • 88* Josh Neilson (Thirsk III) vs. Rainton II
  • 87 James Webster (Whixley) vs. South Kilvington
  • 73 Matthew Rogerson (Birstwith II) vs. Bishop Monkton
  • 72 Jonny Luty (West Tanfield) vs. Spofforth
  • 72 Andrew Nelson (Crakehall) vs. Ripley II


  • 6-24 Dominic Atkinson (Sessay III) vs. Lofthouse and Middlesmoor
  • 6-30 Matthew Roberts (Ripley) vs. Markington
  • 6-43 Daniel Glover (Birstwith III) vs. Studley Royal IV
  • 5-24 Peter Kirk (Kirkby Malzeard) vs. Alne II
  • 5-41 Stephen Moss (Marton-cum-Grafton) vs. Blubberhouses II
  • 5-49 Christopher Brown (Raskelf II) vs. Bolton Abbey II
  • 4-0 Daniel Bettles-Hall (Rainton) vs. Thornton-le-Moor
  • 4-15 Bob Brown (Ripley) vs. Markington
  • 4-18 Anthony Addison (Rainton) vs. Thornton-le-Moor
  • 4-21 Charlie Lloyd (Scotton II) vs. Bedale II
  • 4-26 Josh Barrett (Spofforth) vs. West Tanfield
  • 4-27 Max Crompton (Burton Leonard) vs. Hampsthwaite
  • 4-29 Ryan Lamb (Birstwith II) vs. Bishop Monkton
  • 4-32 Andy Northing (Scotton II) vs. Bedale II
  • 4-33 Alex Wilson (Newby Hall) vs. Burnt Yates
  • 4-38 Robert Hilton (Wath and Melmerby) vs. Bishop Thornton
  • 4-39 Graham Wilson (Marton-cum-Grafton) vs. Blubberhouses II
  • 4-42 Matthew Burn (Raskelf II) vs. Bolton Abbey II
  • 4-46 Jake Petty (Raskelf) vs. Dacre Banks
  • 4-55 Shaun Marshall (Dacre Banks) vs. Raskelf


  • Alne 102-6 beat Knaresborough Forest 101-10
  • Birstwith 197-8 beat Helperby
  • Burton Leonard 119-4 beat Hampsthwaite 117-8
  • Darley 270-6 beat Goldsborough 269-5
  • Masham 209-6 beat Ouseburn 207-7
  • West Tanfield 125-6 beat Spofforth 124-8


  • Wath and Melmerby 120-1 beat Bishop Thornton 118-10
  • Pateley Bridge 246-3 beat Blubberhouses 177-10
  • Burnt Yates 114-5 beat Newby Hall 113-10
  • Raskelf 206-7 beat Dacre Banks 151-10
  • Studley Royal II 207-5 beat Scotton 206-9
  • Ripley 71-10 beat Markington 52-10


  • Birstwith II 208-8 beat Bishop Monkton 191-10
  • Boroughbridge and Staveley 150-3 beat Middleham 144-10
  • Pannal II vs. Bolton Abbey (No Resultsheet received)
  • Harrogate III 90-4 beat Killinghall 89-6
  • Rainton 79-3 beat Thornton-le-Moor 78-10
  • Whixley 250-6 beat South Kilvington 99-7


  • Studley Royal III 169-5 beat Helperby II 165-8
  • Kirkby Malzeard 196-6 beat Alne 171-10
  • Sessay III 222-8 beat Lofthouse and Middlesmoor
  • Ripon II 184-10 beat Ouseburn II 132-10
  • North Stainley 272-3 beat Sharow 222-6
  • Thornton Watlass 235-6 beat Hampsthwaite 120-9 a/o


  • Spennithorne and Harmby 152-3 beat Pateley Bridge II 148-4
  • Arthington 159-6 beat Newton-le-Willows 158-8
  • Masham 142-5 beat Glasshouses 140-10
  • Crakehall 235-5 beat Ripley II 233-8
  • Goldsborough II 287-6 beat Burton Leonard 33-9 a/o
  • Harrogate IV beat Newby Hall (Conceded)


  • Marton-cum-Grafton 188-7 beat Blubberhouses II 184-10
  • Little Ribston beat West Tanfield II (Conceded)
  • Raskelf II 225-7 beat Bolton Abbey II 224-10
  • Darley II 199-2 beat Thirsk II 196-8
  • Knaresborough Forest II beat Bishop Thornton II (Conceded)


  • Boroughbridge and Staveley II beat Middleham II (Conceded)
  • Birstwith 188-9 beat Studley Royal 153-9 a/o
  • Scotton 120-5 beat Bedale II 116-10
  • Beckwithshaw II 162-2 beat North Stainley 161-8
  • Burnt Yates II 151-2 beat Knaresborough Forest 148-6


  • Arthington II beat Ripon III (Conceded)
  • Ouseburn III beat Wath and Melmerby II (Conceded)
  • Thirsk III 277-6 beat Rainton II 181-8
  • Whixley II beat Helperby III (Conceded)
  • Ripley III beat Little Ribston II (Conceded)
  • Dacre Banks II 61-0 beat Ripley IV 60-10
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