Loan Players – Last Four Games

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The League Management Committee (“LMC”) is concerned as to the number of games that have been conceded during the current season and is aware that Rule 17e does not permit an adult player to take advantage of the Loan Scheme during the last four matches of the season. (This prohibition does not apply to the Junior Loan Scheme.)

In order to give clubs the maximum opportunity of putting out a team for the remaining games of the season, the LMC will exercise the discretion given to it under Rule 17a)i) and ii) as follows:

A player may apply, under Rule 17a)i) and ii) for a transfer for the remaining games of the 2017 season and, if they state that they wish such transfer be treated as a temporary measure on a match by match basis, by reference to the Adult Loan Scheme, then any such Application will be sympathetically considered and dealt with by reference to the provisions of the Adult Loan Scheme.

By way of guidance, any Application, which involves a player playing for a team that, in the opinion of the League Secretary, is or is likely to be promoted or relegated, or playing for a team that is not so involved but playing against a team that is, will not be granted.

For the avoidance of doubt, the provisions of Rule 15d) will continue to apply.

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