Round 21 – 9th September, 2017

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In Division One, the Championship will be decided in the final round of fixtures.  Ouseburn (92 points) have the upper hand over Masham (89 points) but the 2017 title holders play big Masham rivals West Tanfield next week.  Masham have a trickier game at Birstwith.  At the other end of the Division One table, Spofforth are already down and its between Knaresborough Forest (38 points) and Alne (36 points) for the second drop spot.  Alne play Spofforth and Forest play Burton Leonard.

Just two fixtures happened in Division Two due to this week’s weather but the champions are very likely to be Wath and Melmerby barring a disaster.  Wath may finish level on poinst with Dacre but have a superior net run rate.  In a match reduced to 20 overs, Bishop Thornton beat Studley Royal 2nds  A strange game saw Wath and Melmerby bundled out for just 45 after Dacre Banks had posted 146/4.  These results have consolidated Dacre Banks’ second position and they are promoted back to Division One.  Ripley and Newby Hall are relegated.

Harrogate Strays (89 points) and Killinghall (88) are promoted back to Division Two.  Considering the off field challenges that Killinghall have had recently and their decision to consolidate with one team has really paid off.  Perhaps a lesson to other clubs there?  In the final round, Harrogate play Middleham and Killinghall play Pannal for the honours of top dog.  Thornton-le-Moor are relgated but Pannal seem to have found some fighting spirit with a win over South Kilvington, and with Bishop Monkton’s game falling to the weather the two sides are level on 39 points going into the last round of fixtures.  Monkton are at home to Whixley but Pannal play Killinghall for survival.

Thornton Watlass and North Stainley are promoted from Division Four but the winners honours will be decided on the final day.  Watlass play Helperby 2nds and Stainley take on Hampsthwaite 2nds.  At the other end its going to be a huge final week with 2 from 4 going down.  Lofthouse and Middlesmoor look likely to drop down but Alne 2nds (43) and Kirkby Malzeard (43) are both in a precarious position.

Spennithorne and Harmby along with Arthington are promoted from Division Five. Spennithorne have amassed a fine total of 103 points and cannot be caught now for the title of Division Five Champions. Newby Hall 2nds have had a miserable year and end on -23 points. Goldsborough 2nds and Harrogate 4ths are both on 42 points and it looks like the poor form of Newby might decide who is relegated. Goldsborough are due to play Newby with Harrogate due to play Pateley Bridge 2nds. Lets hope this isn’t settled by a Newby concession which will be the 10th for that team this season.

Just the one game survived the weather this week in Division Six which has been a run-away success for new comers Upper Wharfedale who remain unbeaten for the season and are Champions. Little Ribston, after a very challenging year also but for different reasons, will join them in promotion after the beat Bolton Abbey 2nds. Bishop Thornton 2nds are relegated.

In Division Seven, Burnt Yates hold a 4 point lead over Boroughbridge and Staveley 2nds in second place. Both teams are promoted to Division Six. Once again, a club decision to consolidate is reaping rewards. There is no relegation from Division Seven this year so its party time for Forest 3rds and Middleham 2nds who were looking a bit wobbly there at the bottom!

Into Division Eight, which as previously described is a mess. Clubs need to have a think about their playing staff between the end of the season and the AGM and seriously consider their entries to the TNL in 2018 and be realistic. How many players in Division Eight have walked away from the game this season due to the astronomical number of concessions?

How much revenue have clubs lost too? Arthington 2nds have had 10 concessions and are promoted. Should that be right? Ripley 3rds and either Whixley 2nds and Rainton 2nds will join them in Division Seven as three go up.
Remember that the final round of fixtures start at 1:00pm Laters.


  • 144* Lewis O’Donnell (North Stainley) vs. Helperby II
  • 126* – James Donaldson (North Stainley) vs. Helperby II
  • 100 – Chris Beaumont (Alne II) vs. Ouseburn II
  • 83 – Brad Stephens (Darley) vs. Knaresborough Forest


  • 6-41 Christopher Gill (Darley) vs. Knaresborough Forest
  • 5-19 Simon Garvey (Sharow) vs. Lofthouse and Middlesmoor
  • 5-35 Grant Yates Brown (Newton le Willows) vs. Crakehall
  • 5-37 Thomas Egerton (Scotton II) vs. Burnt Yates II
  • 5-42 Dewi Winkle (North Stainley) vs. Helperby II
  • 4-13 Waqas Rasheed (Dacre Banks) vs. Wath and Melmerby
  • 4-21 Mitchell Hearn (Dacre Banks) vs. Wath and Melmerby
  • 4-45 Ross Hardy (Alne II) vs. Ouseburn II
  • 4-55 Joe Furniss (Darley) vs. Knaresborough Forest
  • 4-59 Stuart Newstead (Sharow) vs. Lofthouse and Middlesmoor


  • Hampsthwaite vs. West Tanfield (Cancelled)
  • Helperby vs. Goldsborough (Cancelled)
  • Darley 191-8 beat Knaresborough Forest 177-10
  • Masham 124-3 beat Burton Leonard 119-9
  • Spofforth vs. Birstwith (Cancelled)
  • Ouseburn 95-2 beat Alne 94-10


  • Newby Hall 95-7 vs. Markington (Match abandoned)
  • Pateley Bridge vs. Raskelf (Cancelled)
  • Dacre Banks 146-4 beat Wath and Melmerby 45-10
  • Scotton 26-3 vs. Burnt Yates (Match abandoned)
  • Ripley vs. Blubberhouses (Cancelled)
  • Bishop Thornton 111-4 beat Studley Royal 98-8


  • Pannal II 77-2 beat South Kilvington 73-7
  • Killinghall 99-2 beat Middleham 97-6
  • Birstwith II vs. Harrogate III (Cancelled)
  • Bolton Abbey 174-9 beat Rainton 65-10
  • Boroughbridge and Staveley 127-7 vs. Whixley 77-4 (Match abandoned)
  • Bishop Monkton 164-5 vs. Thornton le Moor 70-2 (Match abandoned)


  • Sessay III vs. Hampsthwaite II (Cancelled)
  • Ouseburn 219-9 beat Alne II 193-9
  • Studley Royal III vs. Ripon II (No result received)
  • Lofthouse and Middlesmoor 151-10 beat Sharow 116-9
  • Kirkby Malzeard vs. Thornton Watlass (Cancelled)
  • North Stainley 278-1 vs. Helperby II 193-10


  • Glasshouses beat Newby Hall II (Conceded)
  • Newton le Willows 127-4 beat Crakehall 125-10
  • Spennithorne and Harmby vs. Ripley II (Cancelled)
  • Masham 157-2 beat Burton Leonard II 156-6
  • Arthington vs. Harrogate IV (Cancelled)
  • Goldsborough II vs. Pateley Bridge II (No result received)


  • West Tanfield 23-1 vs. Thirsk II (Match abandoned)
  • Upper Wharfedale vs. Blubberhouses II (Cancelled)
  • Little Ribston 92-0 beat Bolton Abbey II 91-8
  • Darley II vs. Knaresborough Forest II (Cancelled)
  • Marton cum Grafton 170-7 vs. Raskelf II 108-6 (Match abandoned)


  • Birstwith III vs. North Stainley II (Cancelled)
  • Boroughbridge and Staveley II vs. Beckwithshaw III (Cancelled)
  • Burnt Yates II 120-9 beat Scotton II 119-8
  • Pannal Ash vs. Studley Royal IV (Cancelled)
  • Knaresborough Forest III beat Middleham II (Conceded)


  • Thirsk III 99-2 beat Ripley IV 98-10
  • Ouseburn III beat Helperby III (conceded)
  • Arthington II vs. Whixley II (Cancelled)
  • Ripley III 48-1 beat Ripon III 47-10
  • Wath and Melmerby II beat Dacre Banks II (Conceded)
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