2017 Season Summary

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2017 Champions Ouseburn

Final League Tables 2017

Theakson Hospitality Award is awarded to Wath and Melmerby
Theakston Player of the Season is awarded to Naveed Andrabi of Arthington

The Wilf Wigglesworth Trophy for Most Wickets in a Season – Bobby Hilton (Wath and Melmerby) 67 wickets
The Erik Thompson Trophy for Most Runs in a Season – Naveed Andrabi (Arthington) 1,316 runs at 146.22 with a highest score of 166*
The Eric and Alex Houseman Trophy for Most Dismissals by a Wicket Keeper in a Season – Christopher Eckford (Dacre Banks) 32 dismissals (30 catches, 2 stumpings)

Albert Willis Trophies – Best Performance of the Season
Batting – Lawrence Barraclough (Arthington) 235 vs Crakehall on 3rd June 2017
Bowling – Ben Fielding (Masham) 9-13 vs West Tanfield on 5th August 2017

Most Improved Ground: Little Ribston

Season Lowlight: 77 games were conceded in all divisions in 2017

Awards to be presented at the Dinner are in BOLD. Please ensure winners are present.

Division One
Champions: Ouseburn
Runners Up: Masham
Relegated: Alne, Spofforth
Most Valuable Player: Aaron Brunner (o) Knaresborough Forest
Batting Trophy Winner: Aaron Brunner (o) Knaresborough Forest 1,173 runs at 69.00
Bowling Trophy Winner: Ben Fielding (Masham) 60 wickets at 9.8
Most Runs Scored: Aaron Brunner (o) Knaresborough Forest 1,173
Highest Score: Tom Croston (Birstwith) 161
Most Wickets Taken: Ben Fielding (Masham) 60 wickets at 9.8
Best Bowling : Ben Fielding 9/13 Masham
Most Catches: Jonathan Jackson (Goldsborough) 28 catches and 2 stumpings
Concessions: Total = 0

Division Two
Champions: Wath and Melmerby
Promoted: Dacre Banks
Relegated: Newby Hall, Ripley
Most Valuable Player: Aamir Rehman (Blubberhouses)
Batting Trophy Winner: Andrew Hyland (o) Bishop Thornton 1099 runs at 68.69
Bowling Trophy Winner: Jake Petty (Raskelf) 39 wickets at 11.56
Most Runs Scored: Andrew Hyland (o) Bishop Thornton 1,099
Highest Score: Dan Harris (Wath and Melmerby) 196
Most Wickets Taken: Bobby Hilton (Wath and Melmerby) 67 wickets at 12.78
Best Bowling: Tom Hixon (Studley Royal 2nds) 8/5
Most Catches:Chris Eckford (Dacre Banks) 30 catches and 2 stumpings
Concessions: Total = 0

Division Three
Champions: Harrogate Strays
Promoted:  Killinghall
Relegated: Pannal 2nds, Thornton-le-Moor
Most Valuable Player: Dan Atkinson (Killinghall)
Batting Trophy Winner: Dan Atkinson (Killinghall) 570 runs at 57.00
Bowling Trophy Winner: Dan Atkinson (Killinghall) 45 wickets at 11.67
Most Runs Scored: Rakesh Alva (South Kilvington) 810 runs
Highest Score: Rakesh Alva (South Kilvington) 150
Most Wickets Taken: Pat Greenwood (Whixley) 46
Best Bowling: Robert Hodgson (Bolton Abbey) 7/54
Most Catches: Steven McVean (South Kilvington) 20 catches
Concessions: Total = 1, Bishop Monkton 1

Division Four
Champions: Thornton Watlass
Promoted: North Stainley
Relegated: Kirkby Malzeard, Lofthouse and Middlesmoor
Most Valuable Player: Lewis O’Donnell (North Stainley)
Batting Trophy Winner: Colin Smith (Studley Royal 3rds) 593 runs at 65.89
Bowling Trophy Winner: Miles Johnson (Thornton Watlass) 38 wickets at 10.89
Most Runs Scored: Lewis O’Donnell (North Stainley) 860
Highest Score: David Spencer (Lofthouse and Middlesmoor) 173*
Most Wickets Taken: Miles Johnson (Thornton Watlass) 38
Best Bowling: Daniel Thompson (Hampsthwaite 2nds) 8/32
Most Catches: Ben Johnstone (Sharow) 12 catches and 4 stumpings
Concessions: Total = 0

Division Five
Champions: Spennithorne and Harmby
Promoted: Arthington
Relegated:Goldsborough 2nds, Newby Hall 2nds
Most Valuable Player: Naveed Andrabi (Arthington)
Batting Trophy Winner: Naveed Andrabi (Arthington) 1,316 runs at 146.22
Bowling Trophy Winner: Naveed Andrabi (Arthington) 44 wickets at 12.57
Most Runs Scored: Naveed Andrabi (Arthington) 1,316
Highest Score: Lawrence Barraclough (Arthington) 235
Most Wickets Taken: Naveed Andrabi (Arthington) 44
Best Bowling: Lee Davison (Spennithorne and Harmby) 8/18
Most Catches: Dave Howard (Arthington) 16 catches
Concessions: Total = 11, Goldsborough 2nds 1, Newby Hall 2nds 10,

Division Six
Champions: Upper Wharfedale
Promoted: Little Ribston
Relegated: Bishop Thornton 2nds
Most Valuable Player: Mark Daniels (Little Ribston)
Batting Trophy Winner: Joe Daggett (Upper Wharfedale) 701 runs at 87.63
Bowling Trophy Winner: Mark Daniels (Little Ribston) 36 wickets at 14.03
Most Runs Scored: Joe Daggett (Upper Wharfedale) 701, Will Haines (Blubberhouses 2nds) 701
Highest Score: Joe Daggett (Upper Wharfedale) 212*
Most Wickets Taken: Mark Daniels (Little Ribston) 36 wickets at 14.03
Best Bowling : Matthew Collinson (Little Ribston) 7/18
Most Catches: Ben Hodgson (Little Ribston) 7 catches and 1 stumping
Concessions: Total = 17, Bishop Thornton 2nds 7, Blubberhouses 2nds 2, Bolton Abbey 2nds 1, Darley 2nds 4, Marton-cum-Grafton 1, West Tanfield 2nds 2,

Division Seven
Champions: Burnt Yates 2nds
Promoted: Boroughbridge and Staveley 2nds
Relegated: None
Most Valuable Player: Charlie Lloyd (Scotton 2nds)
Batting Trophy Winner: Thomas Egerton (Scotton 2nds) 423 runs at 60.43
Bowling Trophy Winner: Martin Pearson (Birstwith 3rds) 33 wickets at 10.36
Most Runs Scored:  Joseph Horner (North Stainley 2nds) 612
Highest Score: Colin Smith (Studley Royal 4ths) 165*
Most Wickets Taken: Andy Seeber (Burnt Yates 2nds) 34 wickets at 14.94
Best Bowling: Keith Egerton (Scotton 2nds) 8/40
Most Catches: Martin MacEwan (Birstwith 3rds) 9 catches and 7 stumpings (revised)
Concessions: Total = 6, Middleham 2nds 4, Studley Royal 4ths 2, Ripley 4ths 6, Ripon 3rds 7

Division Eight
Champions: Ripley 3rds
Promoted: Arthington 2nds, Whixley 2nds
Relegated: None
Most Valuable Player: Andy Gill (Rainton 2nds)
Batting Trophy Winner: Charles Baines (Whixley 2nds) 613 runs at 87.57
Bowling Trophy Winner: Keith Brown (Ripley 3rds) 39 wickets at 9.44
Most Runs Scored: Dick Lloyd (Ripley 3rds) 672
Highest Score: William Grafton (Dacre Banks 2nds) 170*
Most Wickets Taken: Keith Brown (Ripley 3rds) 39 wickets at 9.44
Best Bowling: Steven Green (Whixley 2nds) 7/28
Most Catches: Justin Park (Ripley 3rds) 14 catches and 5 stumpings
Concessions: Total = 26, Dacre Banks 2nds 2, Helperby 3rds 15, Ouseburn 3rds 1, Thirsk 3rds 4, Wath and Melmerby 2nds 4

Cup Winners
Atkinson Swires Cup: Birstwith
Barrett Cup: Birstwith 2nds
Wath Cup: Upper Wharfedale
Peter Bentley Cup: Boroughbridge and Staveley 2nds

Crawfurd-Porter – Sportsmanship
Division 1: Alne
Division 2: Markington
Division 3: Pannal 2nds
Division 4: Sessay 3rds
Division 5: Burton Leonard 2nds
Division 6: Bolton Abbey 2nds
Division 7: Pannal Ash
Division 8: Dacre Banks 2nds

Ground Marks Awards
Division 1: Burton Leonard
Division 2: Ripley
Division 3: Birstwith
Division 4: Alne
Division 5: Masham
Division 6: Knaresborough Forest
Division 7: North Stainley
Division 8: Dacre Banks

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