2018 Coaching Courses

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Message from the Harrogate Cricket Development Group: Hello, following the meeting last week, I wanted to get a message to all clubs to let them know we are wanting to plan a Level Two Coaching Course for early 2018 and also we have the ability to tailor level one courses to suit clubs needs. To be able to do this I need clubs to let me have requirements asap. I have two clubs wanting to send people on the Level two course and to date I have around six people interested, to run the course we need at least 18.

There are courses being held in our neighboring areas which is a possibility, but lets try and fill up a course locally first.

The cost of a level two course is £285, if you are a Nidderdale League Club then funding can be obtained to support this from them.

Each Level two course is a four day course covering eight modules and does take four full days with an assessment at the end. For any information about courses please do not hesitate to contact me.

For the Level One course, or more commonly called Coach Support Worker, this is a one day course, we can make this suit by either hosting it at a school on one day or running it over two or three nights at a club (weather permitting) and we can do this in groups of around twelve so if we have enough people from clubs we can do this quite easily. People need to be a minimum of sixteen years old to do this course and the fee is £ 48-00.

Please contact Corky direct on harrogatecdg@gmail.com to advise of any numbers asap so we can make plans.

Kind regards


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