Nidderdale Development League

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The response to the Development League proposal at the AGM was encouraging, with a good number of Clubs showing interest. We hope to establish the Development League in 2018 if possible, so we urgently require your Clubs intentions by answering in one of three ways.

1) Definitely Interested
2) Possibly Interested
3) Definitely Not Interested

Your Clubs response is required by midnight on Tuesday 19th December.

Please send your Club intentions to League Secretary Martin Binks, e-mail
or send your results via this form:

The reason for this strict, and tight, deadline is for the time required to prepare an analysis of the responses, and decide the proposal for the format and draft rules of the Development League ahead of the EGM in January.

Our existing divisions 6-8 play a pivotal role in the future of the League. A very high percentage of the teams are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams which serve as the entry point to the adult league for so many of our juniors, and fathers, sons and daughters often play side by side.

A lot of junior players don’t have the concentration span to play a full 45 over game – we need to make the game shorter. If they are going to play they want to participate fully. They want a chance to bat or bowl and to field somewhere that keeps them actively involved in the game: they want the game to be exciting, and they want to go home having enjoyed the game and the social before, during and afterwards. They want the game to finish in good time: they have plans for the evening. They are the League’s next generation of players and we have got to make their transition from junior to adult cricket as smooth as possible and ensure that it is an enjoyable learning experience, to keep them in the game.

The older players in these divisions also want the game to finish a bit earlier. They enjoy having younger players in the team – the youngsters are fitter and faster in the field – and they enjoy acting as coaches and advisers, teaching the younger players about the skills, rules and traditions of the game. The older players are more traditional in outlook, having grown up with the 45 over version of the game and we would love some of them to embrace the concept of the Nidderdale Development League because it is a critical stepping stone that will encourage more junior players to follow in their footsteps and enjoy the adult game. Its success is absolutely crucial for the future of our League and this will be a great way for them to have some fun and give something back to the game that they love.

In our vision Division 8 will disappear. There will be a Nidderdale Development League instead.

The Nidderdale Development League will be a league for teams containing at least 6 junior (under 17) players.
Entry will be by application and clubs from any division can take part
Clubs can enter on their own if they have sufficient juniors. Or a group of clubs can come together to share players and form a new team to ensure that every junior gets a chance to play competitive cricket. Teams can dip in and out of the Development League, depending on how many juniors they think they will have the following season.
The size and format of the League will depend upon the number of clubs entering teams but we would love to kick off in 2018 with at least eight teams.
No games will be played in the first two weeks of the season, or the last week of the season. No games will be played during the Whit Bank Holiday or August Bank Holiday weekends, to allow for exam revision, short beaks and family holidays.
If we don’t get enough teams to form a sustainable Development League in 2018 we will delay the launch until 2019, giving clubs more time to get their act together.
There will be no promotion or relegation, unless we get enough teams signing up to create a second division. There will, however, be a trophy for the teams finishing first and second and a second set of (coloured) shirts for the winning team.
Each innings shall consist of 30 Overs.
Match Timings – 1.00pm to 3.00pm 1st Innings
3.15pm to 5.15pm 2nd Innings
5.15pm to 6.00pm Tea
Tea to be taken at the end of the Match to allow players to leave early if they wish: however If players / clubs would prefer tea to be taken between innings this won’t be a stumbling block.

The initiative is to get all players involved, therefore :
Batting: Batsman shall retire on reaching 50 runs. The retired batsman shall be able to return after the dismissal of the last man provided the batting side has a full team. There must be at least 2 junior players in the top 5 of the batting order.
Bowling: Each team must use a minimum of 6 Bowlers, with a maximum of 5 Overs per bowler.
Equipment: Coloured Stumps with flashing bails – these will be supplied free of charge by the League in the first season of the League. Coloured shirts, with team names e.g. Ripley Rangers. 11 coloured shirts for every team will be supplied free of charge by the League for the first season of the League.
Encouraging more players to become coaches: The league currently sponsors up to 50% of the cost of training courses for junior coaches working in Nidderdale League clubs. As an incentive for clubs to participate in the Nidderdale Development League and to ensure that the juniors playing in the Nidderdale Development League derive full benefit from their experience, the League will, at its discretion, sponsor up to 100% of the cost of training courses for any coaches who will be working with juniors participating in the Nidderdale Development League. We want to encourage more players to become skilled coaches in our league.

If we get enough support to get the Nidderdale Development League up and running, divisions 6 and 7 will play according to the format agreed for Divisions 3 to 5.
Points option: The Aire Wharfe points system may be adopted to encourage teams to play more positive cricket.

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