League Officers


President: David Whiteley

Chairman: Stuart Morley

Website: www.alne.play-cricket.com

Location: The Flatts, Home Farm, Alne, York

Postcode: YO61 1BT

Directions: In the centre of the village, turn down the lane marked 'ALNE CC' by the red telephone box.

Secretary: Jon Bolton, The Lodge, Alne Road, Tollerton, York YO61 1QA 01347 833281 (H) 07743 842945 (M) E-mail: jonmbolton@aol.com

Fixtures Secretary:         Sean Kenny, Silverthorne, Bravinners Row, Main Street, Alne, York

                        01347 838278 (H) (M) 07745 087939 E-mail: seandkenny8@yahoo.co.uk

Treasurer:                 Graham Inchboard, Youlton Hall, Youlton, Alne, York YO61 1QL

                        01347 838602 (H) E-mail: rginchboard@hotmail.com

Captains:                 1st X1 Toby Stirke 07980119605

                        2nd X1 Jon Henley

Cancellations:                Jon Bolton 01347 833281 (H) 07743 842945 (M)

Junior Rep:                 Sally Harland E-mail: sallyharland351@btinternet.com

Groundsman:                 Keith Hutchinson The Flatts, Home Farm, Alne, York. YO61 1BT

                        01374 821875 (H) 07734 165319 (M)

Child Welfare:                Sally Harland E-mail: sallyharland351@btinternet.com

Scorer:                         Sam Raper



President:                William Sheepshanks

Chairman:                Simon Eltringham

Location:                Arthington Lane, Arthington

Postcode:                LS21 1PH

Directions:                The ground is in Arthington Park, directly opposite St.Peter's Church. It is mile from The

Wharfedale Inn (Harewood direction)

Secretary:                 Martin Binks, Westdale, Westbrook Lane, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5HJ.

                        0113 258 5735 (H) or (M) 07890 878222

                        E-mail: MartinBinks.conductor@gmail.com

Fixture Secretary:        As secretary

Treasurer:                 Martin Binks, Westdale, Westbrook Lane, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5HJ.

0113 258 5735 (H) or (M) 07890 878222 E-mail: MartinBinks.conductor@gmail.com

Captains:                1st XI Joe Nash 01535 211184 (H) 07757 700574 (M)

Cancellations:                 Martin Binks 0113 258 5735 (H) or (M) 07890 878222

Groundsman:                 Brian Meredith 0113 284 3205



President:                DCS Grant

Chairman:                Dave Wilson

Website:                www.beckwithshawcc.co.uk

Location:                 Killinghall Road, Beckwithshaw, Harrogate

Post Code:                HG3 1QL


Secretary:                 Richard Priest Apt 5, Harrogate House, 39 Parliament Street, Harrogate, HG1 2BU

Tel: 07877 656341 (M) E-mail: richie2605@live.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:        As secretary

Treasurer:                Matthew Smart 46 St Leonard's Road, Harrogate, HG2 8NS

                        Tel: 07952 952291 (M) E-mail: smarty218@hotmail.com

Captains:                3rd XI: Andrew Tiffany Tel: 07825 644206 (M)

Cancellations:                Andrew Tiffany Tel: 07825 644206 (M)

Junior Rep:                Andrew Tiffany 3 Brookfield, Hampsthwaite, HG3 2EF

                        Tel: 07825 644206 (M) E-mail: tiffanys99@hotmail.co.uk

Child Welfare:                Andrea Stark E-mail: dan.stark@talk21.com

Groundsman:                Iain Bullock Tel: 07983 366136 (M) E-mail: Bullockiain@aol.com



President:                Michael Clapham

Chairman:                Adrian Grayson

Website:                www.bedale.play-cricket.com

Location:                 Leyburn Road, Bedale

Post Code:                DL8 1HA

Directions:                From Bedale market place head West on the A684 towards Leyburn and the club is on the

right hand side past the golf club.

Secretary:                Paul Croft Ferndene, Hawthorn Lane, Bedale, North Yorkshire, DL8 2AR

                        01677 423769 (H) 07773 677370 (M) E-mail: bedalecc@hotmail.com

Fixture Secretary:        As secretary

Captains:                2nd XI: Martin Harvey 01677 425518 (H) 07565 943314 (M)

Cancellations:                Martin Harvey 01677 425518 (H) 07565 943314 (M)

Child Welfare:                Paul Croft Ferndene, Hawthorn Lane, Bedale, North Yorkshire, DL8 2AR

01677 423769 (H) 07773 677370 (M) E-mail: bedalecc@hotmail.com

Scorer:                        Andy Clark

Groundsman:                Andrew Clapham



President:                 Ron Layfield

Chairman:                 John Shuffe

Website:                 www.birstwith.play-cricket.com

Location:                 The Moss, off Wreaks Road, Birstwith

Postcode:                 HG3 2PL

Directions:                 Located off Wreaks Road about 500m up a private single track road entrance to which is

directly opposite the main access to the mill (Kerrys)

Secretary:                 Sue Armitage, 4 Collin Spring Court, Birstwith, Harrogate HG3 3LN

                        01423 772413 (H) 07762 360726 (M) E-mail: grizzandco@tiscali.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:        As secretary

Treasurer:                 John Lyons, 19 Durham Way, Harrogate HG3 2TA

                        Tel: 01423 509382 (H) 07967 479416 (M) E-mail: johnmlyons@hotmail.co.uk

Cancellations:                 Peter Armitage (H) 01423 772413 (M) 07731 969448

Captains:                 1st XI Jonny Millward 07854 271948 (M)

                        2nd XI Dave Moore 01423 861500 (H) 07843 288626 (M)

                        3rd XI Martin Mcewan 07786 446118 (M)

Junior Rep:                 Jo Mclachlan 17 Durham Way,Harrogate,HG3 2TA

                        01423 527938 (H) E-mail: joh.mclachlan@googlemail.com

Child Welfare:                 Emma Lyons 19 Durham Way, Harrogate HG3 2TA

                        07971 613124 (M) E-mail: emmalyons36@hotmail.co.uk

Groundsman:                 Peter Armitage 01423 772413


Bishop Monkton

President:                 Peter Hutchinson

Chairman:                 Philip Evans

Website:                 www.bishopmonktontoday.ik.com

Location:                 Bishop Monkton Village Hall, Knaresborough Road, Bishop Monkton

Postcode:                 HG3 3QG

Directions:                 Prior to the village, on the left, coming from Ripon on the Knaresborough Road.

Secretary:                 Bill Hannay, Pear Tree House, Bishop Monkton, Harrogate HG3 3QP

                        01765 677245 (H) E-mail: wvbhannay@aol.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:                 Jim Hutchinson, Cherry Tree House, Straight Lane, Burton Leonard, Harrogate, HG3 3SE

01765 676090 (H) 07929564347 (M) E-mail: jimh_lufc@hotmail.com

Cancellations:                 Philip Evans 01765 676035 (H) 07771 661539 (M)

Junior Rep:                 Philip Evans Little Garth, St Johns Road, Bishop Monkton

                        01765 676035 (H) 07771 661539 (M) E-mail: philip.evans@thomasgreen.com

Child Welfare:                 Simon Ashby 27 Allhallowgate, Ripon HG4 1LF

Groundsman:                 Alan Wigby 01765 677284

Scorer:                        Ann Worrall


Bishop Thornton

President:                 Richard Davis

Chairman:                 Jeff Lupton

Website:                 www.bishopthorntoncc.co.uk

Location:                 Fountains Road, Bishop Thornton

Post Code:                 HG3 3JN

Directions:                 From Harrogate, take the A61, travel through Killinghall, at the second Ripley roundabout

take the second exit, then after half a mile take a right signposted Bishop Thornton. After

three miles, the ground is located on your left just before the Bishop Thornton/ Markington


Secretary:                 Jonathan Haley, 26 Burns Way, Harrogate, HG1 3NA

                        01423 536204 (H) 07742 633601 (M) E-mail: jonathan.haley@nhsla.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:                 Racheal Haley, 26 Burns Way, Harrogate, HG1 3NA

                        01423 536204 (H) 07513 575769 (M) E-mail: rachy1110@hotmail.com

Cancellations:                 As captains

Captains:                1st X1 Rob Nelson 07595 775017 (M)

                        2nd X1 Ryan Lamb 07772 109449 (M)

Junior Rep:                 Jonathan Haley, 26 Burns Way, Harrogate, HG1 3NA

                        01423 536204 (H) 07742 633601 (M) E-mail: jonathan.haley@nhsla.com

Child Welfare:                Julie Sowray Bowes Green Farm, Bishop Thornton, Harrogate

                        Tel:01423 772952 (H) 07738 758405 (M) E-mail:jonathan.haley@nhsla.com

Groundsman:                 John Atkinson 07762 549316



President:                 Michael Clipston

Chairman:                 Graham Hebblethwaite

Website:                 www.blubberhousescc.co.uk

Location:                 Hardisty Hill Blubberhouses

Postcode:                 LS21 2PL

Directions:                 A59 traveling from Harrogate to Skipton pass Hopper Lane Hotel, take next right into

Hardisty Hill. Second left signposted Blubberhouses CC. Follow track. First left to car park.

Secretary:                 John Wilkinson, 14 Canada Crescent, Rawdon, Leeds, LS19 6LT

                        07960 491974 (M) E-mail: secretary@blubberhousescc.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:         As Secretary

Treasurer:                 Peter Brennan, The Meadow, New York Lane, Rawdon, Leeds LS19 6JQ

                        0113 2507395 (H) 07970818280 (M) E-mail: brennanp2@sky.com

Captains:                1st X1 Bash Khan 07837 857026 (M)

                        2nd XI Nick Haigh 07546 936339 (M)

Cancellations:                 1st X1 Bill Davis 07776 055621 (M)

                        2nd XI Nick Haigh 07546 936339 (M)

Child Welfare:                 Michael Clipston Peelers End, 15 Forest Grove, Harrogate,HG2 7JU

                        01423 888509 (H) E-mail: michael.clipston@ntlworld.com

Groundsman:                 Bill Davis 07776 055621 (M)


Bolton Abbey

President:                Duke of Devonshire

Chairman:                Robert Mayo

Website:                www.boltonabbeycc.co.uk

Postcode:                BD23 6AJ

Directions:                Turn right at the roundabout on the A59 Follow sign to Bolton Abbey-Burnsall

Secretary:                 Roger Tiffany, Laurels, Shires Lane, Embsay, Skipton BD23 6RR

                        01756 701619 (H) 07736 544013 (M) E-mail: tiffany.embsay@gmail.com

Fixture Secretary:         Ed Tiffany, 1 Cavendish View, Embsay Skipton BD23 6QH

                        Tel: 01756 793188 (H) 07736 544015 (M) E-mail: edward@rogertiffany.co.uk

Treasurer:                 Robert Hodgson 16 Digby Road Menston LS29 6JB

                        Tel: 07775 904426 (M) E-mail: robert@olicana.co.uk

Cancellations:                Roger Tiffany . 01756 701619 (H) 0773 6544013 (M) 07977578773 (M)

                        Steve Nayler 07917 767567 (M)

Captains:                1st XI: Phil Midgley 07837 837488 (M)

                        2nd XI: Steve Nayler 01943 831560 (H) 07917 767567 (M)

Junior Rep:                Steve Nayler 01943 831560 (H) 07917 767567 (M)

Groundsman:                 Howard Blackburn Back-o-the-Hill Farm, Storiths, Skipton BD23 6HH

                        Tel: 01756 710253 (H) 07710 804723 (M)

Child Welfare:                Stephen Nayler 23 Jonathan Garth, Addingham Ilkley LS29 0TP Tel: 01943 831560 (H)

Scorer:                        Polly Brown



President:                Les Lambert

Location:                Aldborough Road, Boroughbridge, York

Postcode:                YO51 9EA

Directions:                 From the A1 exit at the sign for Boroughbridge (B6055). Proceed past 2 roundabouts and

shortly after the 2nd, take a right turn at the sign for Green Hammerton/Aldborough. At the

next junction, turn left (B6265/A59) and immediately after the Junior School which is on

RHS, turn right into Aldborough Road. After 150 metres turn into the Junior School and the

changing room and sports field are on the left. From the Harrogate side follow the signs to

Knaresborough then take A6055 to Minskip. At the end of the village there is a roundabout

where you take the signs for the A1 and York. At the next roundabout follow instructions

as from A1.

Secretary:                 Paul Norfolk 48 Ladywell Road, Boroughbridge, York, YO51 9HL

                         Tel: 01423 325457 (H) 07738 020715 (M) E-mail: paul.norfolk@hotmail.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:         As Secretary

Treasurer:                 Barry Norfolk, 12 Chatsworth Grove, Boroughbridge YO51 9BB

                        Tel: 01423 322151 (H)

Cancellations:                 Paul Norfolk 01423 325457 (H) 07738 020715 (M) 01423 322151

Captain:                1st XI Luke Fletcher 07817 998786 (M)

Groundsman:                 Peter Ambrose 07748 982779

Club House:                 01423 324206

Child Welfare:                 Margaret Willey, 1 The Paddock, York Road, Boroughbridge, YO5 9E 01423 324495 (H)


Burnt Yates

President:                 George Harrison

Chairman:                 Barrie Whitehead

Website:                 www.bycc.co.uk

Location:                 Main Road Burnt Yates

Postcode:                 HG3 3EJ

Directions:                Next to the car park opposite the church on the main road

Secretary:                 Caroline Lawton 3 Pye Lane, Burnt Yates, Harrogate HG3 3EH

                        01423 770701 (H) E-mail: carolyn.lawton@ymail.com

Fixture Secretary:         As Secretary

Treasurer:                 Colin Nowland 3 Valley View, Burnt Yates Harrogate HG3 3HG

                        01423 771048 (H)

Cancellations:                Colin Nowland 01423 771048 (H)

Captains:                1st XI Chris Byrom 01423 880715 (H) 07900 244481 (M)

                        2nd XI Jeff Broughton 01423 525794 (H) 07876 138044 07729327496 (M)

Groundsman:                 Gary Collett 6 Hill Top Close, Harrogate HG1 3BY

                        01423 522215 (H) 07921 067410 (M) E-mail: gcgroundcare@yahoo.co.uk

Child Welfare:                 Steven Light Flat E, 26 Kent Road, Harrogate HG1 2LE

                        07837 626147 (M) E-mail: steven.light@hotmail.co.uk

Scorer:                         Caroline Lawton, as Secretary


Burton Leonard

President:                 Robin Drummond

Chairman:                 Andrew Dallas

Website:                 www.blcc.org.uk

Location:                 High Peter Lane off Peter Lane

Postcode:                 HG3 3RZ

Secretary:                 Mike Crawshaw, Orchard House, Peter Lane, Burton Leonard HG3 3RZ.

                        Tel: 01765 677871 (H) or 07795 823613 (M) E-mail: mike.crawshaw@blcc.org.uk

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Cancellations:                 Ben Drummond 07971 354629 (M)

Treasurer:                 Ben Drummond 2 Holber Hill, Burton Leonard, HG3 3SQ8

                        07971 354629 (M) E-mail: ben@bronco.co.uk

Captains:                 1st X1 Matthew Rangeley 07855 497541 (M)

                        2nd XI Sam Crawshaw 07722 961458 (M)

                        3rd XI Neil Carass 07837 123703 (M)

Junior Rep:                 Michael Wray Station Lane, Burton Leonard, Harrogate HG3 3RX

                        01765 676378 (H) 07963 794871 (M)

                        E-mail: e.michael.wray@googlemail.com

Grounds Manager:         Ben Drummond 07971 354629 (M)

Child Welfare:                 Michael Wray Station Lane, Burton Leonard, Harrogate, HG3 3RX

                        01765 676378 (H) 07963 794871 (M) E-mail: michael.wray@blcc.org.uk

Scorer:                         Megan Eustace



President:         Russell Jarvis

Chairman:         John Shephard

Website:         www.crakehall.org.uk/ac-cricket-club

Location:         Crakehall Village Green

Postcode:         DL8 1HP

Directions         The village green is in the centre of the village on the A684

Secretary:         Darren Ventham 3 Coronation Road, Little Crakehall, Bedale DL8 1HZ

        07783 528146 (M) E-mail: crakehallcc@gmail.com

Fixture Secretary:         Colin Poole 6 Summerfields, Hackforth, Bedale DL8 1NY

        07771 712514 (M) E-mail: colinpoole1@talktalk.net

Cancellations:         Tim Bishop 07730 558752 (M) 07771 712514 (M)

Treasurer:         Andy Nelson The Bungalow, The Green, Crakehall, Bedale DL8 1HP

        07850 996116 (M) E-mail: adnelson@hwilliams.co.uk

Captain:         1st XI: Tim Bishop 07730 678093 (M)

Child Welfare:                 Kirsty Haslam, Alisa House, Coronation Road, Crakehall, Bedale DL8 1HZ

        01677 426857 (H) E-mail: kirsty.haslam@btinternet.com

Groundsman:         Mike Thompson-Roberts 01677 422777

Scorer:        Darren Ventham 07783 528146 (M)


Dacre Banks

President:         Eric and Alec Houseman

Chairman:         Jonathan Knocker

Website:         www.dacrebankscc.org.uk

Location:         Max Pullan, Dacre Banks

Post Code:         HG3 4EA

Directions:         Exit A61 at Ripley take the exit off the roundabout signposted for Pateley Bridge on the B6165. Enter Summerbridge from Ripley on the B6165. At the Flying Dutchman Public House turn left and descend the hill, crossing the River Nidd and the cricket         ground is on your left handside.

Secretary:         Tim Carrington 5 Grange Road, Dacre Banks, HG3 4HA

        Tel: 01423 781040 (H) 07725 260561 (M)

        E-mail: tcarrington@rnib.org.uk

Fixtures Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Paul Ellison Aingarth, Dacre Banks, HG3 4EN

        Tel : 01423780804 (H) 07553 436392 (M)

        E-mail: paul.ellison@leedsth.nhs.uk

Cancellations:         Tim Carrington Tel: 01423781040 (H) 07725 260561 (M)

Captains:        1st XI Steve Ellison 01423 780804 (H) 07434458789 (M)

2nd XI Tim Carrington Tel: 01423 781040 (H) 07725 260561 (M)

Junior Rep:         Shaun Marshall Dasusha, Bridge House Gate, Pateley Bridge, HG3 5HG

        07872 326348 (M) E-mail: shaunmarshall20@btinternet.com

Child Welfare:         Sue Marshall Dasusha, Bridge House Gate, Pateley Bridge, HG3 5HG

        01423 711037 (H) 07856 67371 (M)

Groundsman:         Barry Gill 01423 780078 (H) 07704 478773 (M)

Scorer:         Trici Heard



President:        Peter Beecroft

Chairman:        Alec Newbould

Location:        Crayke Lane, Darley

Postcode:        HG3 2QJ

Secretary:         Graham Furniss, The Heights, Dacre, Harrogate HG3 4AP

        01423 781415 (H) E-mail: grahamfurniss@hotmail.co.uk

Treasurer:         Tim Marriner, 10 Meadon Lane, Darley, Harrogate HG3 2PH

        01423 780318 (H)

Captains         1st XI Duncan Naylor 07521 148448 (M)

        2nd XI Andrew Furniss

Cancellations:         Graham Furniss as above

Child Welfare:         Tom Carver, Silverdale Close, Darley, Harrogate, HG3 2PQ

        01423 780580 (H)

Groundsman:         Tim Marriner as above

Scorer:        Rosemary Bradley


Galphay & Winksley

President:         Tom Ramsden

Chairman:         Peter Joy

Location:         Outside the Village on the Ripon Road

Postcode:         HG4 3NJ

Directions:         The cricket field is approx 1/2 mile before the village on the left hand side when approaching on the road from Ripon

Secretary:         Mrs Helen Rowe 55 Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon HG4 2LB

        01765 604895 (H) 07747 390717 (M) E-mail: helenrowe101@aol.com

Fixtures Secretary:         Ben Pickersgill 94 St Johns Grove,Harrogate ,HG1 3AH

                01423 509427 (H) 07714343236 (M) E-mail: benpickersgill1@hotmail.com

Treasurer:         Anna Merrin, Newholme, Main Street, Kirkby Malzeard HG4 3RS

        01765 658640 (H) E-mail: anna.simon@blinternet.com

Captains:        1st XI Andy Mason 07975 992829 (M)

        2nd XI Jonathan Pickersgill 07702 883751 (M)

Cancellations:         As captains

Junior Rep:         Chris Pickersgill, 10 Kirkby Close, Ripon HG4 2DS

        01765 603665 (H) 07561 420 951 (M) E-mail pickersc@aol.com

Child Welfare:         Simon Merrin Newholme, Main Street, Kirkby Malzeard HG4 3RS

        01765 658640 (H) E-mail: anna.simon@blinternet.com

Groundsman:         Stephen Pickersgill 01765 603665



President:         Chris Woodhouse

Chairman:         Stephen Boyden

Website:        www.glasshousescc.co.uk

Location:         Glasshouses Village

Postcode:         HG3 5QJ

Directions:         At the bottom of Glasshouses Village turn into Harewell Close, after 100 metres turn right at the T-junction, then, after 50 metres as the road turns to the right, go         straight ahead down a short slope, and then left into the club car park

Secretary:         Andy Wilson, Cragside, Blazefield, Harrogate, HG3 5DP

        01423 712114 (H) 01423 712712 (W) E-mail: andidextrous@gmail.com

Treasurer:         Christine Slinger E-mail: chrissling09@hotmail.com

Captain:        1st XI Ian Sunderland 01423 712401 (H) 07743 287203 (M)

Cancellations:         Graham Slinger 07740 786588 (M)

Junior Rep:         Julie Halford 07709 376646 (M) E-mail: jlhalford6@gmail.com

Child Welfare:         Peter Ellis, 15 Harewell Close, Glasshouses, Harrogate HG3 5DY

        01423 711891 (H)

Groundsman:         Ken Hainsworth 01423 711556



President:         Ernie Clarkson

Chairman:         Chris Saul

Website:         www.goldsboroughcricket.co.uk

Location:         Knaresborough Road, Goldsborough

Postcode:         HG5 8NJ

Directions:         At roundabout on junction of A59 & A658 (Knaresborough bypass) follow the exit signs off the roundabout to Goldsborough village. Ground is 3/4 mile on left hand side.

Secretary:         Harry Short 5 West End, Kirk Hammerton, York, YO26 8BY

        01423 339948 (H) 07805901769 (M) E-mail: theshorts46@yahoo.co.uk

Fixtures Secretary:         Gavin Hodson, 5 Carleton Mill, West Road, Carleton In Craven, Skipton, BD23 3EG 07800 979883 (M) E-mail: gavinhodson@gmail.com

Treasurer:         John Whitehead, 4 Prospect Terrace, Knaresborough HG5 0HR

        01423 866847 (H) E-mail: johnwhitehead9654@fsmail.net

Cancellations:         As captains

Captains:         1st XI Duncan Morrell, 01423 885399 (H), 07930 221728 (M)

        2nd X1 Gavin Hodson 07800 979883 (M)

Junior Rep:        Chris Saul The Willows, Church Street, Goldsborough, HG5 8NR

        01423 864281 (H) 07939965244 (M) E-mail: julia.saul@btinternet.com

Groundsman:         John Whitehead as above

Child Welfare:         Peter Horsman 23 The Spinney, Knaresborough, HG5 0TD

        01423 867919 (H) 07798 582875 (M)

        E-mail: peter_horsman@hotmail.co.uk

Scorer:        Ethan Morrell 2 Greenfields Ave, Harrogate, HG2 7BN 01423 885399 (H)



President:         Sir James Aykroyd Bart

Chairman:         Peter Crack

Website:         www.hampsthwaitecc.co.uk

Location:         Church Lane, Hampsthwaite

Postcode:        HG3 2EZ

Directions:         At the village Green, take the fork to Clint/Burnt Yates. Before you leave the green the cricket field is on your right behind the school accessed by a narrow lane.

Secretary:         Carol Dawson The Maltings, Hollins Lane, Hampsthwaite HG3 2EG

Tel: 01423 770091 (H) 07710 235081 (M)

E-mail: caroldawson4@gmail.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Chris Beeley The Barn, Green Lane, Darley HG3 2QG

        01423 781128 (H) 07801 901139 (M)

        E-mail: chris.beeley@kpmg.co.uk

Cancellations:         Richard Barratt 01423 501883 (H) 07711 990222 (M)

Captains:        1st XI Lenny McKittrick 07714 400666 (M)

        2nd XI Ted Illingworth 07850 900729 (M)

        3rd XI Daniel Thompson 07974 201159 (M)

Junior Rep:         Chris Beeley The Barn, Green Lane, Darley, Harrogate HG3 2QG

        01423 781128 (H) 07801 901135 (M) E-mail: chris.beeley@kpmg.co.uk

Child Welfare:         Carol Beeley The Barn, Green Lane, Darley, Harrogate HG3 2QG

        01423 781128 (H) 07801 901135 (M)

        E-mail: carol.beeley@northyorks.gov.uk

Groundsman:         Peter Armitage 01423 772413

Scorer:         Dorothy Thwaite



President:         Andrew Campbell QC

Chairman:         Miles Rawlings

Website:         www.harrogatecricketclub.com

Location:         St George's Road, Harrogate

Postcode:         HG2 9BP

Directions:         From South - After entering the Town on A61 turn left at 1st roundabout (St. George's Road) and left at mini roundabout.

Secretary:         Duncan Clark, St Georges Road, Harrogate HG2 9BP

        01423 561301 (H) 07736 124107 (M) E-mail: harrogatecc@btconnect.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         David Booth

Cancellations:         As secretary

Captains:         3rd XI Marcus Fox 07810 644501 (M)

        4th XI Miles Rawlings 01423 871305 (H) 07973 690822 (M)

Junior Rep:         Paul Warren 07789 541301 (M) E-mail: paul.r.warren@btinternet.com

Groundsman:         Ian Bullock 07983 366136 (M) E-mail: bullockiain@aol.com

Child Welfare:         Mrs Antonia Parris 67 Farfield Avenue,Knaresborough,HG5 8HT

01423548362 07796797891 antoniajparris@gmail.com



President:         Sir Anthony Milnes-Coates

Chairman:        David Sowray

Secretary:         John Holroyd The Granary 1 St Peters Close Brafferton YO61 2NP

        01423 360009 (H) 07771 837769 (M) E-mail: johnholroyd64@hotmail.com

Treasurer:         Joyce Clayton New House, Tofts Lane, Helperby YO61 2PU

        01423 360428 (H) E-mail joyce@hadds.org.uk

Cancellations:        As captains

Captains:        1st X1 Matthew Cavanagh 07960 419981 (M)

        2nd XI John Tuley 01423 884779 (H)

        3rd XI Steve Ferguson

Groundsman:         Peter Wren 07766 038559 (M)



President:         A Clarkson

Chairman:         Andrew Bellerby

Website:         www.killinghallcc.co.uk

Location:         Otley Road, Killinghall, Harrogate

Postcode:         HG3 2DW

Directions:         From Harrogate take the A61 to Killinghall. At the junction of the Three Horse Shoes and Greyhound public houses turn left (Otley Road). The ground and car park are approx 400 yards on the right behind the village hall.

Secretary:         Andrew Dobby, 4 Lindrick Way, Harrogate HG3 2SU.

        01423 520304 (H) or 07450 899782 (M) E-mail: amdobby@hotmail.com

Treasurer:         Roger Schofield, Havendale, Station Lane, Hampsthwaite, Harrogate

        HG3 3AB 01423 771700 (H)

Cancellations:         As captains

Captains:        1st XI Tony Whittaker 01765 676789 (H) 07799 117833

        2nd XI James Crawfurd-Porter 07711 205211 (M)

        3rd XI Roger Schofield 01423 771700 (H)

Junior Rep:         Roger Schofield Havendale, Station Lane, Hampsthwaite, Harrogate,

        HG3 3AB 01423 771700 (H) E-mail: rogerschofield4@btinternet.com

Groundsman:         Rod Russell 01423 566938 (H) 07803 943360 (M)

Child Welfare:         Mark Whittaker Beckindale, Grainbeck Lane, Killinghall, Harrogate,

        HG3 2AA 01423 528889 (H) 07503 218737 (M)



Kirkby Malzeard

President:         Dr M Harford-Cross

Chairman:         Iain Fraser

Website:         www.kmcc.org.uk

Location:         The Playing Field, Kirkby Malzeard

Directions:         From Ripon end of village, drive down the street past Kirkby Motors and the ground is signposted "to the playing field" about 50yds later on the left

Secretary:         Iain Fraser Laverton Bridge Cottage, Laverton, Ripon, HG4 3SX

        Tel: 01765 658292 (H) 07779 592364 (M)

        E-mail: iain.fraser2@virgin.net

Fixture Secretary:        As Secretary

Treasurer:         TBC

Cancellations:        Iain Fraser 01765 658292 (H) 07779 592364 (M)

        Rod Pickles 01765 658368 (H)

Captains:         1st XI TBC

        2nd XI TBC

Groundsman:         Rod Pickles 01765 658368 (H)

Child Welfare:         Brad Atkinson, Pasture Fields, Galphay, Ripon HG4 3NX 01765 650421 (H)

Scorer:         Malcolm Neesham


Knaresborough Forest

President:         Rodney Thompson

Chairman:         John Bradd

Website:         www.kfcc.co.uk

Location:         Rear of the Union Public House, Union Field, Calcutt, Knaresborough

Postcode:         HG5 8JL

Directions:         A59 turn off Harrogate by-pass. Signed Calcutt and Knaresborough. Half mile down the road on the right behind the Union pub.

Secretary:         Munro Goldfield Hillside, 5 Belmont View, Calcutt, Knaresborough

        HG5 8JJ 01423 868228 (H) 07940518472 (M)

        E-mail: munnersgold@yahoo.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Cancellations:        John Bradd as below

Treasurer:         Dave Alloway 16 Woodfield Close, Idle, Bradford BD10 9JG

        01274 610694 (H) 07866 591511 (M) Email: alloway1962@gmail.com

Captains:         1st XI Jack Martin 07881 020918 (M)

        2nd XI Mick Wilkinson 07946 416197 (M)

        3rd XI Gary Threlfall 07808 914409 (M)

Junior Rep:         John Bradd 7 Whitehead Way, Knaresborough HG5 8LE

        01423 869171 (H) 07831 541293 (M) E-mail: mail@bigmedia.co.uk

Groundsman:         Lee Furniss 32 Dawson Terrace ,Harrogate 01423 507446 (H)

Child Welfare:         John Bradd 7 Whitehead Way, Knaresborough HG5 8LE

        01423 869171 (H) 07831 541293 (M) E-mail: mail@bigmedia.co.uk

Scorer:         Trevor Davey 01423 885415 (H)


Little Ribston

President:         John Goodwill

Chairman:         David Massey

Location:         Ribston Park, Little Ribston

Postcode:         LS22 4ET

Directions:         From the North: Take the B6164, Wetherby Rd from Knaresborough,

        travel straight through the village after the last building on the left enter

        Ribston Park through the gates. The ground is visible on the right hand

        side. From the South: Head out of Wetherby on B6164 (Deighton Rd). Go

        through Kirk Deighton and North Deighton. Ribston Park is just after the

        hump back bridge on the right had side.

Secretary:         Simon Dennis 35 Poplar Avenue, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 7RA

        01937 520605 (H) 07739726012 (M) E-mail: lrcc1884@hotmail.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Cancellations:         Relevant captain or groundsman

Treasurer:         Martin Marsh 18 Springfield Crescent, Darfield, Barnsley S73 9NS

        07982 729496 (M)

Captains:         1st XI Danny Marsh 07730 786853 (M)

        2nd XI Andrew Bishop 07595 925357 (M)

Groundsman:         John Perry "Lyngarth", Little Ribston, Wetherby LS22 4EP

        01937 582704 (H) 07948 060946 (M)

Child Welfare:         Andrew Bishop 01274 634685 (H) 07595 925357 (M)

        E-mail: dbimage@me.com

Scorer:        Michael W Brown 01347 848712(H)


Lofthouse & Middlesmoor

President:         Jonty Ramsden

Chairman:         David Fothergill

Location:         Park House Field, Lofthouse

Postcode:         HG3 5SD

Directions:         From Pateley Bridge, through Lofthouse village towards Middlesmoor and How Stean Gorge, for approx. 100 yards at the junction of the Scar House Reservoir road. From Masham, turn right at the bottom of the hill through Lofthouse village.

Secretary:         John Downey, 1 Valley Road, Darley, Harrogate HG3 2QE

        01423 780370 E-mail: johndowney35@yahoo.co.uk

Treasurer:         As secretary

Captain:        Ben Challis 07972 707209 (M)

Cancellations:         Captain or Craig Costello 01423 755075 (H) 07894 738596 (M)

Groundsman:         Eugene Downey 3, Waterworks Cottages, Lofthouse, Harrogate HG3 5SD

        01423 755660 (H)

Child Welfare:         Peter Solomon, 3 Mount View Terrace, Bewerley, Pateley Bridge, HG3 5HP

        01423 712585 (H)

Scorer:         John Downey



President:         Julie Wilberforce

Chairman:         John Walford

Location:         High Street, Markington

Directions:         Turn off the A61 (Harrogate to Ripon) at Wormald Green. Follow signs into village,         past Cross Keys pub on left, park in Institute car park on right.

Secretary:         Steve Wilson 4 Little Croft, Markington HG3 3TU

        01765 677274 (H) 07944 285365 (M) E-Mail: alisstep@hotmail.com

Fixtures Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         William Wilberforce Markington Hall, High Street, Markington, HG3 3PQ

        01765 676534 (H) E-mail: william_Julie@hotmail.co.uk

Cancellations:         1st XI Tom Lloyd 07967 550119 (M)

Groundsman:         Nick Earl 01765 677679 (H) 07878649250 (M)

Child Welfare:         William Wilberforce Markington Hall, High Street, Markington, HG3 3PQ

        01765 676534 (H) E-mail: william_Julie@hotmail.co.uk

Scorer:         Steve Askew




Marton cum Grafton

Chairman:         Stephen Marklew

Location:         Sports Field, Grafton

Postcode:         YO51 9QJ

Directions:         From Green in Grafton go up hill towards Green Hammerton. At crest of brow turn right onto unmade track signed "to Sportsfield"

Secretary:         Stephen Marklew, 1 Springbank, Marton cum Grafton, York YO51 9QZ

        01423 323389 (H) 07801 703242 (M)

        E-mail: stephen.marklew@gmail.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         As secretary

Cancellations:         Stephen Marklew 01423 323389, Nigel Hird 01423 322100,

        Steve Moss 01423 323273

Captain:         Graham Wilson 01904 470266 (H) 07922 061000 (M)

Groundsman:         Team effort



President:        Anthony Proud

Chairman:         Alan Sturdy

Location:         Recreation Ground, Off the Avenue Masham

Postcode:         HG4 4DS

Directions:         A61 Harrogate to Ripon, A6108 Ripon to Masham, B6268 Bedale to Masham

Secretary:         David Broadley c/o St. Nicholas House, Market Place, Masham HG4 4DZ

        Tel: 01765 689263/689520 (W) 07715 167668 (M)

        E-mail: davidb@rfbroadley.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:        As Secretary

Treasurer:         Neil Pickard Tel: 01765 689210 (H)

Cancellations:         Captains or Secretary

Captains:         1st XI Adam Smith 07801 036288 (M)

        2nd XI John Abbotson 07730 623434 (M)

Child Welfare:         Derek Chapman 17 Swinton Terrace, Masham, HG4 4HS

        01765 689250 (H) E-mail: annanddc@btinternet.com

Groundsman:         Derek Chapman 01765 689250 (H) E-mail: annanddc@btinternet.com



President: Keith Gamble

Chairman: David Horn

Location: The Sports Field, Middleham

Postcode: DL8 4QW

Directions: In Middleham market place take the Carlton road, after approx 100m turn left at the Middleham Castle sign, drive past the castle and turn right up a track, there is a newly converted barn immediately on your left, turn left down a track directly after this barn conversion and follow the track down to the sports field.

Secretary: Richard Sanderson, 24 Brentwood, Leyburn DL8 5EP 01969 623209 (H) 07710 652348 (M)

E-mail: richardsanderson@supanet.com

Fixtures Secretary: As secretary

Treasurer: Nick Brown Waterloo Farm, East Witton, Leyburn DL8 4SW 01969 623253 (H) 07871 715884 (M)

Cancellations: As secretary

Captains: 1st XI: Carl Burnett 07752 491070 (M)

Captains:2nd XI: John Bowes 07590 443757 (M)

Junior Rep:Nick Brown Waterloo Farm, Lowthorpe, East Witton, Leyburn, DL8 4ST 01969 623253 (H) 07871 715884 (M)

Child Welfare: Dr Julia Brown Waterloo Farm, Lowthorpe, East Witton, Leyburn, DL8 4ST 01969 623253 (H) 07734 435674 (M)

Groundsman: Richard Sanderson 01969 623209 (H) 07710 652348 (M)

Scorer:         Gill Marshall


Newby Hall

President:         Richard Virr

Chairman:         Tony Sidwell

Website:         www.newbyhallcc.co.uk

Location:         Newby Hall, Skelton on Ure Ripon

Postcode:         HG4 5AE

Directions:         As you enter Skelton-on-Ure do not follow the sign posts to the Hall,

        instead turn right at the junction in the village before heading past the

        Black Lion pub on the right hand side. Approx 200 yards past the pub turn

        left, sign posted Home Farm and Newby Hall CC, ground is located approx

        400 meters off the main road.

Secretary:         Steve Selby 58 Lickley Street, Ripon HG4 1LJ

        01765 602995 (H) 07527 339733 (M) E-mail: steven@selby2.entadsl.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Mrs Annette Stainthorpe 51 Kirkby Road, Ripon HG4 2HH

        01765 606437 (H) 07588 456786 (M)

        E-mail: tas1971@hotmail.co.uk

Cancellations:         Captains

Captains:        1st XI: Shane Griffin 07807 051329 (M)

        2nd XI: Richard Mitchell 07824 483425 (M)

        3rd XI: Shane Jarvis 07793 019067(M)

Junior Rep:        Mrs Caroline Payette Riverain, Fishergreen, Ripon HG4 1NL

        01765 602593 (H) 07803 142873 E-mail: c.payette1@sky.com

Child Welfare:        Mrs Caroline Payette Riverain, Fishergreen, Ripon HG4 1NL

        01765 602593 (H) 07803 142873 E-mail: c.payette1@sky.com

Groundsman:         Trevor Rose 01765 608865 (H) 07867 748989

Scorer:         Steve Selby


Newton le Wilows

President:         Alan Brown

Chairman:        David Thompson

Location:         Over the railway line

Directions:         Turn up Station Rd, then turn left up South View track before crossing

        over the railway line

Secretary:         Steven Coombs, Rose Cottage, Station Road, Newton le Willows, Bedale,

        DL8 1TB 01677 450583 (H) 07952 857783 (M)

        E-mail: steven1nlwcc@tiscali.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Cancellations:         Steven Coombs or David Thompson

Captain:        James McGregor 07791 914832 (M)

Treasurer:         Stephen Hodges, Roseway Bedale Road, Newton le Willows, Bedale

        01677 450594 (H) 07836 684767 (M)

        E-mail: janeandstephan.hodges@virgin.net

Groundsmen:         Steven Coombs (as above) and David Thompson 01677450328 (H)

Child Welfare:         Steven Coombs, Rose Cottage, Station Road, Newton le Willows, Bedale,

        DL8 1TB 01677 450583 (H) 07952 857783 (M)

        E-mail: steven1nlwcc@tiscali.co.uk

Scorer:         Christopher Thompson


North Stainley

President:         Malcolm Wass

Chairman:         Darren Wass

Website:         http://northstainleycc.hitscricket.com

Location:         North Stainley

Postcode:         HG4 3JT

Location:         From Ripon into North Stainley past the garage on the left. Turn right

        down Water-Mill Lane. Follow road round to the square on the right.

Secretary:         Julie Puttock The Old Chapel, North Stainley, Ripon HG4 3HT

        01765 635312 (H) 07809 686305 (M) E-mail: julie@puttockfamily.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Nicola Pringle 9 Roseberry Green, North Stainley, Ripon HG4 3HZ

        01765635533 (H) 07515 993027 (M) E-mail: nikki.pringle@talktalk.net

Captains:        1st XI: Tom Ingham 01765 635293 (H) 07858 145117 (M)

        2nd XI: Lee Oglesby 01765 601472 (H) 07944 943545 (M)

Cancellations:         Secretary or Captains

Junior Rep:         John Skinner 01765 635515 (H) 07968 826404 (M)

Groundsman:         Frank Wilkinson as secretary

Child Welfare:         Julie Puttock The Old Chapel, North Stainley, Ripon HG4 3HT

        01765 635312 (H) 07809 686305 (M) E-mail: julie@puttockfamily.co.uk

        With Lee Oglesby

Scorer:         Paul Fishburn



President:         Anton Lodge

Chairman:         James Rose

Website:         www.ouseburncc.co.uk

Location:         Lightmire Lane, Great Ouseburn

Postcode:         YO26 9RL

Directions:         B6265 to Boroughbridge to Green Hammerton road.From Harrogate turn

        right onto Carr Side Road, signposted Great Ouseburn. From

        Knaresborough turn left into Carr Side Road. At the junction with Branton

        Lane & Main Street go straight across, turn left onto Seggans Lane and

        immediately right onto Lightmire Lane.

Secretary:         Richard Haslam 9 Vyner Street Ripon HG4 1QJ

        01765 609125 (H) 07903 057282 (M) E-mail: ouseburnccsec@aol.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Richard Little Wingate Cottage, Main Street, Great Ouseburn YO26 9RQ

        01423 330370 (H) 07710 779217 (M) E-mail: rich72.little@btinternet.com

Cancellations:         Team captains or if not available secretary

Captains:         1st XI Chris Morrison 01423 325021 (H) 07917 114767 (M)

        2nd XI John Moorhouse 01423 324577 (H) 07875 347762 (M)

        3rd XI tbc contact club secretary

Junior Rep:         Richard Lever Ousegyll Cottage, 3 Townend Court,Great Ouseburn,

        YO26 9RD 01423 330231 (H) 0781 522456 (M)

        E-mail: rlever@ouseburn99.freeserve,co.uk

Groundsman:         Edward Pearson 01423 331490 E-mail: eandjp@edwardpearson.plus.com

Child Welfare:         Janet Plowright The Orchards, 17 Ashbourne Close, Boroughbridge, York. YO51 9JJ 01423 324963 (H) 07516 446562 (M)

        E-mail: janet.plowright@btinternet.com

Scorer:         Tricia Bryant



President:         Dennis Richards OBE        

Chairman:         Brian Hunt

Website:        www.pitchero.com/clubs/pannalcricketclub

Location:         Burn Bridge

Postcode:         HG3 1PB (Main Ground) LS17 0AN (Huby Ground)

Directions:         Main Ground - Leave Harrogate towards Leeds, through traffic lights at

        Spacey Houses, take next right (Burn Bridge) ground is on right just before

        the 30 mph sign.

        Huby Ground - Take Leeds road from Harrogate. Turn right at the by-pass

        roundabout (Bradford) Approx 3miles, is the village of Huby, past the

        railway station on left, take next left and follow the road (1/4 mile

        approx.) the ground is on the right.

Secretary:         Jenny Barrett, 3b Westville Oval, Harrogate HG1 3JN

        01423 504996 (H) 07901 861360 (M)

        E-Mail: jennybarrettpannalcc@talktalk.net

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Rod Macaulay Langland, Harrogate Road, Huby LS17 0EG

01423 734156 (H) 07966 901821 (M)

E-Mail: rod.macaulay@btinternet.com

Cancellations:         Jenny Barrett and/or Captains

Captains:         1st XI Andy Johnson 07875 675693 (M)

        2nd XI Warren Shermer 07966 465492 (M)

        3rd XI Martin Revill 07565 215718 (M)

        4th XI Rod Macaulay 01423 734156 (H) 07966 901821 (M)

Junior Rep:         Tim Bennett, Linton Holme, Crag Lane, North Rigton, LS17 0DE

        07976 831356 (M) E-mail: tim.bennett@btconnect.com

Child Welfare:         David Wood, 25 Crowberry Drive, Harrogate, HG3 2UF

        01423 563068 (H) 07982 978037 (M) E-mail: david.wood66@hotmail.com

Groundsman:         Jonathan Corcoran 07910 705059 (M) E-mail: corky@orange.net


Pannal Ash

President:         John Littlewood

Chairman:         Martin Turner

Website:         www.pannalashcc.co.uk

Location:         Bluecote Wood Ground, Otley Road, Harrogate

Postcode:         HG3 1QL

Directions:         Head out of Harrogate, past Harlow Carr Gardens towards Beckwithshaw. The ground is in front of the Horticap Nursery on the left.

Secretary:         Kim McMahon 17 Eastville Terrace, Harrogate HG1 3HJ

        01423 504819 (H) E-Mail: kim.mcmahon@ntlworld.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Richard Turner 2 Flaxton Terrace,Pannal,Harrogate HG3 1JU

        07515 481732 (M)

Cancellations:         James Thompson 01423 504819 (H) 07929 619074 (M) 0113 284 3204 (W)

Junior Rep:         James Thompson as above

Child Welfare:         James Thompson as above

Groundsman:         Martin Turner 01423 563566 (H) 07885 839493 (M)


Pateley Bridge

President:         Ian Weatherhead

Chairman:         Richard Light

Location:         Bewerley Park, Pateley Bridge

Postcode:         HG3 5HQ

Directions:         Proceed down High Street, over the river bridge and take first left into showground

Secretary:         Helen Goldsbrough 1 Glencoe Terrace, Glasshouses, Harrogate HG3 5DU

        Tel: 01423 714904 (H) 07926 026655 (M)

        E-mail: helen.goldsbrough@noblefoods.co.uk

Treasurer:         C/O Peter Simpson 31 Park Road, Pateley Bridge HG3 5JS 01423 711752 (H)

Cancellations:         Captains or Dave Owram

Captains:         1st XI: Tom Simpson 01423 711752 (H) 07595 667175 (M)

        2nd XI: Rob Light 01423 711336 (H) 07747 697816 (M)

Team Manager:        Dave Owram 01765 677101 (H) 07778 590784 (M)

Junior Rep:                 Richard Light Greenlea, Greenwood Road, Pateley Bridge, Harrogate

                HG3 5LR 01423 711815 07526 105383 (M)

                E-mail: rdlight@hotmail.co.uk

Groundsman:         Gary Collett 07921 067410 E-mail: gcgroundcare@yahoo.co.uk

Child Welfare:        Isabel Peel 6 Ashfield Close, Pateley Bridge, Harrogate, HG3 5JP

        01423 711799 (H) 07714 274910 (M) E-mail: isabelpeel75@msn.com

Scorer:         1st XI: Helen Goldsbrough 07926 026655 (M)

        2nd XI: Ellie Jackson 07715 406794 (M)



President:         James Spencer

Chairman:         Don Wright

Location:         Carr Lane, Rainton

Postcode:         YO7 3PS

Directions:         From A1 (N) Drive in to Rainton and take 1st right on to Carr Close (bus

        drop off point if required),Carry on to Carr Lane and head down the track

        (not suitable for buses), Continue down track. The cricket field is the

        second field on the right Secretary:        Louise Weaver, 1 Stevenson View, Church Lane, Rainton YO7 3PE

        01845 577988 (H) 07811 119704 (M)

        E-mail: louisewright1984@hotmail.co.uk

Fixtures Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Mrs Debbie Box Ivy Cottage, Rainton, Thirsk YO7 3PH 07711 824301 (M)

Captains:        1st XI: Anthony Addison 07738 385781 (M)

        2nd XI: Don Wright - 01845 577988 (H) 07974 822370 (M)

Cancellations:         As Captains

Junior Rep:         Rob Knox, Paddock View, Baldersby, Y07 4PP

        01765 640629 (H) 07870 801620 (M) E-mail: sara.knox1@btinternet.com

Child Welfare:        Rob Knox, Paddock View, Baldersby, Y07 4PP

        01765 640629 (H) 07870 801620 (M) E-mail: sara.knox1@btinternet.com

Groundsman:         Chris Hill 07731 747226 or Don Wright as above

Scorer:         Elaine Wright



Chairman:         Peter Sigsworth

Website:         www.raskelfcricket.co.uk

Location:         Village Hall, Easingwold Road, Raskelf

Postcode:         YO61 3UY

Directions:         A59 to Knaresborough,A6055 to Boroughbridge,Up main street (Horsefair)

        past secondary school on left, over river, take second turning at

        roundabout following signs to Helperby,Turn first right following signs to

        Helperby - through Milby - long bendy road,Turn right at T junction

        (thornton bridge) - over single track bridge towards Helperby

        (Brafferton/Helperby),On entering Brafferton, Helperby turn left at T

        junction onto Raskelf road, follow signs to Raskelf,At Raskelf go straight

        through village following signs to Easingwold - ground on left as you leave


Secretary:         Dan Noble 44 Melton Avenue, Rawcliffe Lane, York, YO30 5QG

        Tel: 01904 623133 (H) 07986 163303 (M)

        E-mail: daniel.noble@live.co.uk

Fixtures Secretary:        Peter Sigsworth 01347 823265 (H) 07748 712365 (M)

Treasurer:         Robert Sigsworth Southtown Farm, Raskelf, York YO61 3LG

        Tel: 01347 823265 (H) 07999 654616 (M)

        E-mail: irsiggy@btinternet.com

Cancellations:         Peter Sigsworth 01347 823265 (H) 07748 712365 (M)

Captains:         1st X1 Matthew Hawhead 01347 824534 (H) 07981 324946 (M)

        2nd X1 Dan Noble 01904 623133 (H) 07986 163303 (M)

Junior Rep:         Peter Sigsworth, South Town Farm, Raskelf, York YO61 3LG

        01347 823265 (H) 07748 712365 (M) E-mail: psigsworth@btinternet.com

Child Welfare:         Peter Sigsworth as above

Groundsman:         Peter Sigsworth as above



President: Sir Thomas C.W. Ingilby Bt.

Chairman: Ian Howard

Website: www.ripley-cc.co.uk

Location: Ripley

Postcode: HG3 3AX

Directions: North of Harrogate on the A61, turn into Ripley Village car park and the ground entrance is in the top left hand corner

Secretary: Justin Park, 124 Duchy Road, Harrogate HG1 2HE 01423 508247 (H) 07944 905855 (M) E-mail: justinmpark@btinternet.com

Fixture Secretary: Grant Stancombe 2 Osbourne Close, Harrogate, HG1 2EF07540 880800 (M) E-mail: grant.k@ntlworld.com

Treasurer: Dick Lloyd 124 Duchy Road, Harrogate HG1 2HE 07976 625516 (M) E-mail: Dick.lloyd@mhco.org.uk

Cancellations: Team Captains

Captains: 1st XI Karl Bollon 01423 560282 (H) 07803 145230 (M)

2nd XI James Braddon 07710 118808 (M)

3rd XI Keith Brown 07773 887694 (M)

4th XI Steve Kilroy 07905 231251 (M)

Junior Rep: As secretary

Child Welfare: Justin Park, 124 Duchy Road, Harrogate HG1 2HE 01423 508247 (H) 07944 905855 (M) E-mail: justinmpark@btinternet.com

Groundsman: Tom Snape 01423 565730 (H) 07840 019875 (M) E-mail: tomsnape1@btinternet.com




President:         Peter Squires

Chairman:         Chris Hazzard

Website:         www.riponcc.co.uk

Location:         Studley Road, Ripon

Postcode:         HG4 2QH

Directions:         From West on B6265 - enter Ripon over mini-roundabout, going

        straight on. Ground is on the right after 250 yds.

from North on A6108 - enter Ripon and turn right at 'Clock Tower' traffic lights. Turn right at next set of lights and go over one mini-roundabout. Turn right at next mini-roundabout and then left at the cross roads. At the end of the road, turn right and then take the left fork at the next mini-roundabout. Ground is on the left after 250 yds.

From the South/East on B6265 - enter Ripon past Race Course. Go straight over two roundabouts and straight on at a set of traffic lights. After about 0.5 mile turn right at a mini-roundabout. Ground is on the right after 250 yds.

Secretary:         Paul Sorby, 8 Williamson Gardens, Ripon HG4 2QB

        01765 603931 (H) 07545 610387 (M)

        E-mail: paulbsorby@yahoo.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Patrick Whitaker Gates Cottage, Sharow, Ripon HG4 5BP

        07904 357730 (M) E-mail: patrick.whitaker@capita.co.uk

Cancellations:         2nd XI: Sean Easey 07709 310271 (M)

        3rd XI: Paul Seldon 07792 849461 (M)

Junior Rep:        Nathan Kite 07527 100012 (M) E-mail: ripon.junior.cricket@hotmail.co.uk

Child Welfare:         Paul Sorby, 8 Williamson Gardens, Ripon HG4 2QB

        01765 603931 (H) 07545 610387 (M)

        E-mail: paulbsorby@yahoo.com

Groundsman:         Peter Warters



President: David Archbold

Chairman: David Lawrence

Website: http://www.scotton-cricketclub.co.uk/

Location: Low Moor Lane, Scotton

Postcode: HG5 9HZ

Secretary: Bill Wilcocks 15 Appleby Gate, Knaresborough HG5 9LY 01423 861115 (H) 07563 901092 (M) E-mail: bill.wilcocks@gmail.com

Fixture Secretary: As secretary

Treasurer: Colin Bell 17 Bishopdale Close, Knaresborough HG5 0LR TEL: 01423 868155 07762 628929

E-mail: colin.bell17@talktalk.net

Cancellations: Andy Marshall 07850 025964 (M)

Captains: 1st XI Sam Halliday, H: 01423 521683, M: 07952956912

2nd XI Steve Hardy 01423 359043 (H) 07944 285750 (M)

Child Welfare: Tom Halliday, 13 Stonecrop Drive, Harrogate, HG3 2SQ 01423 521863 (H) 07967 382883 (M)

E-mail: tomhalliday.tcc@ntlworld.com

Groundsman: Tom Halliday 01423 521863 (H) 07967 382883 (M)



President:         Brian Watkinson

Chairman:        Guy Musgrave

Website:         www.sessaycc.co.uk

Location:         South Kilvington

Postcode:         YO7 2LR

Directions:         From Thirsk : via Long Street and Stockton Road.

        From the South: Dishforth A168 to exit for Northallerton (ignore all

        exits for Thirsk).

Secretary:         Keith Houlston, 1 Keepers Close, Crayke, York YO61 4TY

        01347 823695 (H) 07711 428183 (M)

        E-mail: keithhoulston@hotmail.com

Fixtures Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Mrs Sue Barton, 1 Oval View, Sessay, Thirsk YO7 3NQ

        Tel: 01845 5014363 (H)

        E-mail: sue.barton59@btinternet.com

Cancellations:         Keith Till 01845 522235 (H) 07711 323967 (M)

        Keith Houlston 01347 823695 (H) 07711 428183 (M)

Captains:        3rd XI Keith Till 01845 522235 (H) 07711 323967 (M)

Junior Rep:         Keith Houlston, 1 Keepers Close, Crayke, York YO61 4TY

        01347 823695 (H) 07711 428183 (M)

Child Welfare:         Stephen Langstaff 1 Millgate,Gilling West, Richmond, DL10 5JQ

        01748 850267 (H) 07875 058538 (M)

        E-mail: slangstaff82@googlemail.com

Groundsman:        John Flintoff 01845 577245(H) 07729 055338 (M)



President:                 Mrs Edna Colley

Chairman:                 Rob Magill

Website:                 www.sharowcc.co.uk

Location:                 Dishforth Road, Sharow, near Ripon

Postcode:                 HG4 5BH

Directions:                 From the Ripon Bypass (A61) turn right on the third roundabout into Sharow Village. Follow

the Dishforth Road for 1/2 mile, the ground appears on the left.

Secretary:                Simon Garvey 17 Orchard Close, Sharow, Ripon HG4 5BE

                        01765 690652 (H) 07773 594703 (M)

                        E-mail: secretary@sharowcc.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:                 Damien Garvey 07450 019733 (M) E-mail: treasurer@sharowcc.co.uk

Cancellations:                As secretary

Captains:                1st XI Mike Ainsley 07960 834188 (M)

                        2nd XI Sam Jackson 07890 988450 (M)

Groundsman:                 James Crowley 07791 337279 (M) E-mail: sharowcc@sharowcc.co.uk

Junior Rep:                Simon Garvey details as Secretary

Child Welfare:                Adie Monk 07817 471667 (M) E-mail: sharowcc@sharowcc.co.uk

Scorer:                         Val Monk 01765 600186 (H) E-mail: scorer@sharowcc.co.uk


South Kilvington

President:                 John Musgrove

Chairman:                 Andy Carver

Location:                 Roundabout to the north of the village

Postcode:                 YO7 2LR

Directions:                 From Thirsk : Via Long Street and Stockton Road

From the South :         Dishforth A168 to exit for Northallerton (ignore all exits to Thirsk )

Secretary:                 Bob Hesk Southend, South Kilvington, Thirsk YO7 2LY

                        01845 522132 (H) E-mail: bobhesk@tiscali.co.uk

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:                 Andy Carver 16 The Grange, Kirby Hill, Boroughbridge, York YO51 9YB

                        01423 325072 (H) 07827 242739 (M)

                        E-mail: andycarver@waggfoods.co.uk

Cancellations:                 Andy Carver 01423 325072 (H) 07827 242739 (M)

                        Bob Hesk as secretary

Captain:                 1st XI Raymond Windross, 01609 770423 (H) 07989 345745 (M)

Junior Rep:                 As secretary

Groundsman:                 As secretary

Child Welfare:                 Bob Hesk Southend, South Kilvington, Thirsk YO7 2LY

                        01845 522132 (H) E-mail: bobhesk@tiscali.co.uk

Scorer:                         John Musgrove


Spennithorne and Harmby

President:         Henrietta Brown

Chairman:         Simon Walker

Location:         Mill Flats Lane, Spennithorne

Postcode:         DL8 5PR

Directions:         The ground is down the lane off the road on the bend just beyond

        "The Old Horn" public house

Secretary:         Jim Lindsay, 19 Annasgarth, Harmby, Leyburn DL8 5PJ

        01969 624823 (H) or 07976 600021 (M)

        E-mail: jim.lindsay2@virgin.net

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Richard Walker 97 Dale Grove, Leyburn DL8 5GA

        01969 624204 (H) E-mail: richard@walker5964.freeserve.co.uk

Cancellations:         Charles Mawer 01969 625172 (H) 07817 202623 (M)

Child Welfare:         Charles Mawer 9 Hargill Close, Harmby, Leyburn DL8 5QE

        01969 625172 (H) 07817 202623 (M) E-mail: charles@rfbroadly.co.uk



President:        Kenneth Lakin

Chairman:        Stephen Gill

Website:        www.spofforthcc.org.uk

Location:        School Lane, Spofforth

Postcode:        HG3 1BA

Directions:         Take the A661 from Harrogate towards Wetherby. Once in the village at the mini roundabout in front of the Castle Inn turn right (signposted Follifoot/Pannal) and in 100 yards turn left in front of the village hall. Immediately turn left again and follow the road down to the ground. Take great care at the speed bumps immediately before entering the ground.

Secretary:        Sandra Gill 10 Ainsty Crescent, Wetherby LS22 7QR

        01937 587344 (H) 07979 800962 (M)

        E-mail: sandragill62@virginmedia.com

Fixture Secretary:        As secretary

Treasurer:         Terry Kavanagh Kinloss Cottage,12A High Street, Spofforth, HG3 1BQ 01937 590499 (H) E-mail: kavanagh.spofforth@virgin.net

Cancellations:        Craig Hunt 07999 494922 (M)

Captains:        1st XI Tom Clark 07581 543757 (M)

        2nd XI Darren Kavanagh 07711 927170 (M)

Junior Rep:        Jason Westerman April Cottage, Scriftain Lane, Kirk Deighton, Wetherby LS22 4DT Tel: 07760 166213 (M) E-mail: westyjase@aol.com

Groundsman:        Brian Marshall Overdale, Park Road, Spofforth, Harrogate HG3 1BS

        01937 590279 (H) E-mail: brian636marshall@btinternet.com

Child Welfare:        Lucas Bateman Oulton House, Castle Street, Spofforth, Harrogate

        HG3 1AP 01937 591118 (H) 07774 548715 (M)

        E-mail: lucas.bateman@btinternet.com

Scorer:        Sandra Gill 01937 587344 (H) 07979 800962 (M)



President:         Mrs Rupert Nickols

Chariman:         Shaun Campbell

Location:         Staveley Village

Directions:         Take the Arkendale Road out of Staveley. Approx 200 yards after

        leaving village take track to ground on left. Board directing visitors

        always on display.

Secretary:         Tony Wilson 01423 340121 (H) 07891156388 (M)

        E-mail: tony.a.wilson@capgemini.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Steven Manby 32 Pinfold Green, Staveley, Knaresborough HG5 9LR

        01423 340159 (H) 07780 661190 (M)

        E-mail: lynnemanby80arthurs@hotmail.com

Cancellations:         As captains

Captains:         Ist XI Kevin Stephenson 07565981693 (M)

        2nd XI Nigel Coates 07708 566933 (M)

Junior Rep:         Ken Barker 01423 340293 (H)

Child Welfare:         Heather Coats 01423 325434 (H)

Groundsman:        Gary Collett 07921 067410 E-mail: gcgroundcare@yahoo.co.uk


Studley Royal

President: Robert Sowray

Website: www.studleyroyalcc.co.uk

Location: Galphay Road, Studley Deer Park, Ripon Grammar School

Postcode: HG4 2QR (Galphay Road) HG4 3DY (Studley Deer Park) HG4 2DG (Ripon Grammar School)

Directions: Galphay Road: from Ripon take the B6265 towards Pateley Bridge,

        the ground is on the right just after Tate's Nurseries

        Studley Deer Park: from Ripon take the B6265 towards Pateley

        Bridge, turn left towards Studley Roger village, turn right into the

        Deer Park / Fountains Abbey, follow the main drive and then fork

        right where the road splits three ways, follow this road to find the

        ground towards the end on the right

        Ripon Grammar School: follow Clotherholme Road out of the centre

        of Ripon, the school is on the right

Secretary: Richard Grime 10 Doublegates Walk, Ripon HG4 2TX 01765 608003 (H) 07999 578868 (M)

E-mail: grimocricket@gmail.com

Fixture Secretary: As secretary

Treasurer: Wendy Thornton-Coad 13 Borrage Lane, Ripon HG4 2PZ 01765 601305 E-mail: wendy.thornton-coad@pfpg.co.uk


2nd X1 Dan Coad 01765 608241 (H) 07975 982079 (M)

3rd XI Richard Grime 07999 578868 (M)

4th XI Julian Corps 01765 607060 (H) 07917 167060 (M)

5th XI Ken Coad 07775 868794 (M)

Junior Rep: Sue Coad 39 Hillshaw Park Way, Ripon HG4 1JU 01765 608241 (H) 07815 628070 (M) E-mail: suejcoad@tiscali.co.uk

Groundsman: Trevor Rose 01765 608865 (H) 07867 748989

Child Welfare: Steve Harris 5 Skellbank, Ripon HG4 2PT

        01765 609477 (H) 07527 233649 (M)



Chairman:         George Gifford

Website:         www.thirskcricket.co.uk

Location:        The Racecourse, Newsham Road, Thirsk or

        Hillside Rural Activities Park, Oaktree Bank, Knayton, Thirsk

Postcode:        YO7 1QP (Thirsk) YO7 4AX (Knayton)

Directions:         Thirsk Main Ground - Approach Thirsk on A170 from East and A19 from South, go through the town square towards A61 (Ripon), turning right at mini-roundabout. Do not bear left, go straight ahead with fire station on right; club is 200 metres on left. From West on A61, turn left at Tesco. From A1, take A168 at Dishforth, then first exit to Thirsk on B1448. At mini-roundabout, turn left onto A61, then straight ahead at Fire Station.

Secretary:         Ken Major 203 Bankhead Road, Northallerton DL6 1JB

        01609 776998 (H) 07887 365321 (M) E-mail: km66ny@gmail.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Mark Cook, Canvas Farm, Knayton, Thirsk YO7 4BR

        01845 537349 (H) 07933 413262 (M) E-mail: m_c_cookie@hotmail.com

Cancellations:         As Team Captains

Captains:        2nd XI Rob Garner 01845 522001 (H) 07754 611619 (M)

        E-mail: proshop@tngc.co.uk

        3rd XI: Neil Collinson 01845 525053 (H) 07973 478 448 (M)

        E-mail: neil@dalesofthirsk.co.uk

Child Welfare:         Philip Robshaw, Cedar Cottage, Middleton Quernhow, Ripon

        HG4 5HX 01765 640530 (H) 07751 220886 (M)

        E-mail: philip.robshaw@hotmail.co.uk

Junior Rep:        Philip Robshaw, Cedar Cottage, Middleton Quernhow, Ripon

        HG4 5HX 01765 640530 (H) 07751 220886 (M)

        E-mail: philip.robshaw@hotmail.co.uk

Groundsman:         (Racecourse Ground) Andrew Clapham 01609 780369 (H)

        07929 262444 (M) E-mail: andrew.clapham@btopenworld.com

        (Leake & Knayton CC) Alan Peckitt 01845 537545




Chairman:         Mick Truman

Location:         Cricket Field

Directions:         Arriving in village from the south, from South Otterington, take the

        third entrance on the right and follow short lane to reach the cricket


Secretary:         Mike Smith 11 The Close,Romanby ,Northallerton

        01609 770305 (H) E-mail: michael.smith2@ch2m.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Joan Sturdy The Bungalow,Crinkle Carr Lane,Thornton-le-Moor

        01609 776258 (H)

Cancellations:         Mike Smith 01609 770305 (H) E-mail: michael.smith2@ch2m.com

        Simon Pinkney, 07793 081224(M)

Child Welfare:         Mike Smith 11 The Close,Romanby ,Northallerton

        01609 770305 (H) E-mail: michael.smith2@ch2m.com


Thornton Watlass

Chairman:         Chris Nicholson

Location:         Village Green, Thornton Watlass

Postcode:         HG4 4AH

Directions:         From the Bedale to Masham road, follow signs into village, ground is

        situated on the village green, the village hall is used as a pavilion.

Secretary:         John Bell, High Garth, Red Lane, Masham, Ripon HG4 4HH

        01765 689484 (H) 07714 250198 (M) E-mail: matty.dayglo@gmail.com

Treasurer:         Keith Loadman, Village Farm, Constable Burton, Leyburn DL8 5LX

        01748 834623 (H)

Cancellations:         Matt Day 01609 775974 (H) 07843 008188 (M)

Captains:        Matt Day 01609 775974 (H) 07843 008188 (M)

Junior Rep:        David Jardin The Old Smithy, Thornton Watlass, HG4 4AH

        01677 423133 (H) 07710 293307 (M)

Child Welfare:         Simon Jones Kilgram House, Jervaulx, Ripon, HG4 4PQ

        01677 460026 (H) 07896 710804 (M)

Groundsman:         Keith Loadman 01748 834623 (H)

Scorer:        Diane Nicholson


Wath and Melmerby

President:         Richard Graham

Chairman:         Harry Frost

Website:        www.pitchero.com/clubs/wathmelmerbycc

Location:         Witherick Lane, Melmerby

Postcode:         HG4 5JB

Directions:         Turn off A61 sign posted for Melmerby. Travel approx 3/4 mile. Take

        1st turn on left after the Potter Group industrial estate.

Secretary:         Neil Hathaway 5 Norton Close, Wath, Ripon, North Yorkshire,

        HG4 5NZ 01765 641819 (H) 07909 846656 (M)

        E-mail: hattersby@hotmail.com

Fixture secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Gez Peace North Grange, Tanfield Lane, Wath, Ripon HG4 5DN

        01765 641272 (H) 07801 299816 (M)

Cancellations:         Neil Hathaway 01765 641819 (H) 07909 846656 (M)

Captains:         1st XI Adam Newcombe 07740 107375 (M)

        2nd XI Trevor Kettlewell 01765 640682 (H) 07718 976760 (M)

Groundsman:         Trevor Kettlewell 01765 640682 (H) 07718 976760 (M)

Child Welfare:         John Burgess 07849 691830 (M) E-mail: jcb.1863@yahoo.co.uk


West Tanfield

President:         Simon Bourne-Arton QC

Chairman:        Chris Newton

Website:         www.westtanfieldcc.co.uk

Postcode:         HG4 3HQ

Directions:         The ground is half a mile out of West Tanfield on the A6108 W

        Tanfield to Ripon Road.

Secretary:         Michael Dyson, Lyme Croft, 7 Park Drive, Masham, Ripon HG4 4HY

        01765 689796 (H) 07745 559327 (M) E-mail: medyson@btinternet.com

Fixture Secretary:         As secretary

Treasurer:         Stuart Foster, Bland Close Farm, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon 07808 058819 (M)

Captains:         1st XI John Craddock 07761 796012 (M)

        2nd XI Peter Hopkins 07850 048945 (M)

Cancellations:         Michael Dyson 01765 689796 (H) or 07745 559327 (M)

        John Craddock 07761 796012 (M)

Junior Rep:         M Luty 28 Whitcliffe Grove,Ripon 01765 607580 (H)

Child Welfare:         Linda Barnard 39 Saxty Way,Sowerby Thirsk 01845 523925

Groundsman:         Chris Newton 01765 600325 (H)

Scorer:        Linda Barnard and Victoria Luty