2013 Disciplinary Statements

Peter Bentley Cup: Burton Leonard 3rds v Staveley 2nds 16/05/2013
Burton Leonard has been found in breach of Rule 5c (Cup Competitions Rules) on three counts: the selection of Max Crompton, a recognised 1st XI player, and Stuart Baker, a recognised 2nd XI player, in the above named cup tie, and further, the selection of Max Crompton in Burton Leonard 2nds v. Lofthouse and Middlesmoor in the Barrett Cup on 07/05/2013, albeit on the losing side.

The penalty imposed is £20.00 per infringement, making a total of £60.00, for which an invoice will follow from the Cup Competitions Secretary.

In addition, the result of the Peter Bentley Cup tie will be reversed, and awarded to Staveley 2nds.

Wath Cup: Ripley 2nds v Studley Royal 3rds
The away team and umpires arrived at the ground to find no one from Ripley CC ready to play the game. As we understand it, this was due to the grounds-man cancelling the fixture with the wrong club, Masham. The panel found that Ripley breached Cup Rule 9c. Ripley CC did not get the approval of Studley Royal to cancel the game.

Ripley should therefore have turned up to play. The umpires could then have looked at the state of the ground. Ripley therefore conceded the game and SR go in to the next round.

It was also noted to the panel that the league had arranged official umpires for the fixture. The panel has determined that Ripley should pay the umpires costs. The Umpires Secretary was not informed of any cancellation.

Peter Bentley Cup: Ouseburn 3rds v Little Ribston 2nds – 06/062013.
Ouseburn have been in breach of rule 5bii and 5e, as it has been found that Dan Lever has played in matches as follows prior to playing for Ouseburn:

1st XI – 20th April
2nd XI – 27th April, 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th May, 1st June
Peter Bentley Cup – 16th May & 6th June

Ouseburn confirmed they were in breach of the above rules.

“Thus the Club is indeed in breach of rule 5bii; nor has there been any move to seek special dispensation as per rule 5e. Having completed our investigation, the Club’s management committee wishes to extend its sincere apologies and withdraws the 3rd team from the competition forthwith”

The club were withdrawn and fined £20 for the breach.

Peter Bentley Cup: Ripley 3rds v Burnt Yates 2nds
The Disciplinary Panel have ruled that the player Shaun Brockhill was not eligible to play in the Peter Bentley Cup.

The Knockout competition rules 5C clearly states:

“Clubs which have teams in two of the four Competitions must not play players in the lower of the two who have played more matches in the 1st XI than in the 2nd XI during that season unless prior approval is given by the CUP COMPETITIONS SECRETARY or the Management Committee not less than 48 hours before the tie is due to be played.”

Unfortunately no approval was given by either the CUP COMPETITIONS SECRETARY or the Management Committee and as such the rule has been breached.

The panel noted that you were not aware of Ian Sunderland not being in position anymore. The change was communicated both on the league website and to all club secretaries at the time.

To maintain the integrity of the competition the rule has to be enforced in all situations. In line with other breaches of this rule the result of the tie is declared null and void. Ripley 3rds will now go forward to play in the next round. The club will also receive a fine of £20.