2014 Disciplinary Statements

There was only one incident of on field misconduct reported to the Panel. The player`s club held an inquiry and suspended the player for one month. The player wrote a letter of apology to both umpires. The Panel approved this action and took no further action.

There were 2 breaches of Rule 25m – playing a recognised 1st team player in 2nd team when 1st team`s match has been cancelled. Each of the offending teams accepted the breach and the consequential penalties.

Rule 25f. In one case we decided that if play is suspended because of rain, then, in the absence of a neutral umpire, both captains must agree to re-start.

One match – without a neutral umpire – was agreed as a tie by both captains at the end of the game. The 2 short result sheets showed the result as a tie. Later one team looked again at the scorebooks and submitted a result sheet that they had won. We decided that the result agreed by both captains could not be later altered. See the Laws of Cricket. Shows the importance of accurate and agreed scoring and that the players on the field and the umpires always know the true position.


The playing of under 12 players. One breach of the ECB Guidelines – in a D8 match – was reported. No penalty imposed but the Guidelines should be followed.