2017 Disciplinary Statements

Statement One – Wednesday 12th April 2017 – Ryan Lamb, Birstwith Cricket Club
Further to the Disciplinary Panel Hearing of The Nidderdale and District Amateur Cricket League (NADACL) held on Wednesday 12th April 2017, Ryan Lamb was charged with unsatisfactory Conduct under the YCB Disciplinary Code, which under Rule 40 of the NADACL Rules is incorporated within the NADACL Rules and Constitution, in that on Saturday the 18th March 2017 he posted an offensive and obscene image on the NADACL WhatsApp site which was likely to bring the NADACL and its member clubs into disrepute.

The Disciplinary Panel made a judgement that Ryan Lamb of BCC will be suspended for 6 weeks with immediate effect, so making him unable to play in all forms of cricket from and including Saturday 22nd April 2017 until Friday 2nd June 2017.

The Disciplinary Panel Hearing was held under the Nidderdale and District Amateur Cricket League Rules, and therefore the Appeals Procedure in Rule 29.10 enables an appeal to be raised should you so wish.

Justin Park
Disciplinary Panel Secretary